Seven-year-old raises thousands to thank her dad’s ‘helpers’

June 7, 2017 3:11 pm Last Updated: June 7, 2017 3:11 pm

Seven-year-old Elly Neville from Wales wanted to thank her dad’s “helpers.” Her father, Lyn Neville, was treated for a rare type of blood cancer in 2005 at Ward 10 Chemotherapy Day Unit (CDU) of Withybush Hospital in Pembrokeshire. Elly decided, with the approval of her parents, to enter an art competition at her community school in celebration of St. David’s Day. She designed a collage of the Pembrokeshire flag and took first place, winning £20 (about $26 USD). But that was just the beginning.

Elly then decided to use the money to create a raffle and raise money for the cancer ward that saved her dad’s life. Her original goal was to raise £500 (about $565 USD) with the raffle, but her efforts brought in a lot more than that. As of May 25, 2017, her fundraiser hit a whopping total of £100,000 (about $112,835 USD).

What does that kind of donation translate to in real life? For the Withybush Hospital, it allowed them to purchase new equipment, improve their facility, and provide better care for their patients. Patients like Elly’s dad. The Coordinator for Pembrokeshire Cancer Support, Mr. Neville, was shocked and amazed with Elly’selfless giving. “It’s stunning, really, it’s beyond our wildest dreams and we are incredibly proud of what Elly has achieved,” Neville said.

“To raise £100,000 can make a real difference with the equipment and beyond,” he said.

The little girl now has many admirers in Pembrokeshire and her mom and dad couldn’t be more proud. Last year, Elly was officially recognized for her achievement when she was awarded the prestigious British Citizen Youth Award at the House of Lords. She was also awarded a civic recognition from the Pembroke Town Council.

Neville said that they will continue to fundraise so that they can improve their level of care even more.  “We want to continue to help, we might have to slow down a bit, but we will certainly carry on,” said Neville.

You can help Elly’s fundraising efforts by visiting Elly’s Just Giving Page.


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