Senior dog devastated after losing his sister—but owners had something up their sleeve

January 3, 2018 9:28 am Last Updated: March 29, 2018 3:27 pm

No one wears their emotions on their sleeves better than dogs. Just one look at them can usually give their owners a feeling of whether they are happy, melancholy, or know that they’ve done something wrong. In most situations, dogs are alive with joy, of which they seem to have an unending ability to feel and express.

Cash is a 12-year-old dog that used to be happy and joyful like this, all the time.

The golden retriever used to spend his days playing with his sister, Rosie. Together, they were a cheerful pair that would cause endless smiles for their owners.

But everything changed when Rosie died.  

(Maximilian Engel/Unsplash)

As a senior dog, Cash took the loss of his sister in 2014 pretty harshly. According to his owners he started to act sad and depressed.

“Cash has been the best dog, but he’s been a little lonely since we lost Rosie,” Marie Ahonen explained to Metro.

His owners know that something needed to be done.

In a video that was captured by one of his owners, Cash was given a box as a Christmas present recently. Confused, he began by sniffing it intently, unsure of what it may contain. Finally, the cover came off and Cash was shocked by what he found.

There was a puppy inside of the box!

(Inside Edition/Screenshot)

As Cash stood with the puppy for a few seconds, his owners were unsure how Cash would react. Worried about a possibility he may reject the puppy, their concerns turned out to be for naught as Cash began bouncing around the room with excitement.

“I knew he would be good [with another dog], but I never expected the reaction of pure joy – I had tears watching him,” Ahonen shared.

His loneliness gone and his energy revitalized, Cash is a new dog.

(Inside Edition/Screenshot)

The new puppy has been named “Jennings,” and Cash is enjoying his days again having fun playing with him. So far, they’ve been said to be getting along incredibly well.  

“There’s now so much joy and sparkle in Cash’s eyes, he’s got a new lease of life,” Ahonen explained. “They’ve been best buds ever since.”

It’s like night and day comparing Cash from where he was before meeting Jennings to now. While he used to mope about sadly, now he’s having fun showing the puppy the ropes around the house. As for his owners, Cash’s reaction to getting a new dog makes their decision completely worth it.

They’re happy to have their old dog back.

Watch Cash open his present below.