Seeing house on fire, woman starts live-streaming. Then she meets homeowner—knows who set fire

December 14, 2017 10:10 am Last Updated: December 14, 2017 1:05 pm

Reporting breaking news is far from the easiest job in the world. In the middle of an event, you have to be able to tell the viewers what’s going on, and ask any eyewitnesses the questions that have to be answered.

This wasn’t a challenge for Rhoda Young. Young, a resident of Norfolk, Virginia, was going home with her husband when she saw smoke going up in the air.

A firetruck had also approached their car from behind; the incident was going on in their neighborhood.

When they came closer, she saw that one of the neighborhood’s houses was on fire.

Young then took the opportunity to report the news of the fire by streaming it to Facebook Live.


She was in the car with her husband, when they “reported” that a firetruck was behind them as they came onto the scene of the fire.

“This is Rhoda Young, reporting live.”

She said that the local news station was not on the scene, but she was, and she would bring the viewers this breaking news.

In her exclusive on-site reporting, she came across the man who had owned the house that was burning. In a rather odd reaction to his home in the process of being destroyed, the man was just sitting on the grass, even drinking a beer while watching the destruction.


Young knew she had to get this interview.

“How did it catch on fire?” she asked the man, who responded that he was home when it happened, but he didn’t know how it started.

After showing more of the firefighters on scene, and getting a wider angle of the destruction, Young made a discovery.


Young had returned to the victim when she saw that part of his hair was burnt off. She saw that his hands were burnt too; she deduced that he must’ve been pretty close to the fire for this to happen.

Upon speaking with the authorities on scene, she started putting the pieces together.

“He was right there when the fire started,” she said to her viewers.

According to what she found out, the man apparently was upstairs when the fire started there, but he claims that he didn’t know how it started.

So the neighbor not only got burned on multiple parts of his body, but also had the time to bring a six-pack of PBR out with him amidst the chaos of trying to get out of his house. This didn’t sit right with Young.


Young shared with some of the authorities on the scene the evidence she had compiled up to this point. Before she knew it, the police went into action.


The homeowner was arrested and charged with arson. Young’s reporting had led to finding the fire starter!

Naturally, Young was more than happy to take credit for finding the alleged perpetrator.

“I know I did my job, I did the best job I could do,” she said at the end of the video.

Young just wanted to report the news to her couple thousand Facebook friends. But her quick and efficient reporting led to the crime being solved before the authorities could even launch an investigation.