Married man wins trip to Puerto Rico—alone. Things take wild turn when hotel company sees his photos

The photos were so sad they went viral, and the hotel had to respond
January 5, 2018 10:10 am Last Updated: January 5, 2018 3:46 pm

In 2015, Kevin Blandford from Kentucky won a free trip to Puerto Rico. But there was one complication—the telecom worker from Kentucky wasn’t able to take his wife, because they had a 7-month-old daughter and couldn’t bring her on the trip.

That meant he didn’t “have a single second of fun.”

Just to show his wife how much fun he didn’t have, he took a series of photos where he did a spectacular job of looking sad to be on this tropical vacation without her.

In fact, he looked so sad that the hotel he stayed at couldn’t ignore it.

Wyndham Rio Mar ended up calling up Blandford and offering him a free repeat trip—hotel stay and cruise and all—and this time he got to take his wife and now 8-month-old daughter.

So, of course, they took photos at all the same places.

Look at how much happier he is this time!

Even the baby is having a blast.

One commenter made a fantastic observation: “I assume baby is taking the pictures when not in frame.”

“You even wore the same shirts. That’s dad-level dedication right there.”




(All photos by /imgur)