“Giant” seagull provides comic relief by photobombing morning show’s weather report

August 10, 2017 11:57 am Last Updated: August 10, 2017 11:57 am


Admit it, you wouldn’t mind being in the spotlight even if just for a few seconds. When it comes to wanting those 15 minutes of fame, no one is exempt, not even a seagull.

Like many news stations, Vancouver’s Breakfast Television, a Canadian morning show, has a camera installed on top of a building to monitor the conditions outside. As with any camera located in such a place that makes simple maintenance not possible, the view can occasionally become obscured by rain or debris…or the occasional flying creature.

“I won’t let him distract me,” Tara Jean Stevens, co-host of Breakfast Television said of the unexpected guest who appeared in front of the show’s live view of the skyline.

A seagull decided to take a rest in front of the station’s camera.

As Stevens began the weather report, it was obvious that something was sitting just below the camera lens. For a few seconds the lower graphics on the screen blocked the photobombing seagull, but then just as Stevens said she wouldn’t let the bird distract her, up pops a head.

Well, what do we have here?

So much for not letting the bird distract her! Although let’s be real, how many people would be able to keep their composure when a “giant” seagull shows up unannounced, looking right at you?

Stevens commented on Twitter that this was “one of the greatest moments in my broadcasting career.” So, if this clip doesn’t make it into some type of highlight reel, we’ll be very upset.

Luckily for the seagull’s fans, the bird soon returned.

Possibly because the seagull was unhappy with his first television appearance, he came back for round two just a few days later. This time he was a little risque and decided to shake his tail feathers in full view of the camera.

Ooh la la!

Hey, at least Stevens was photobombed by a giant seagull and not a giant spider!