Baby chipmunk fell down the side of a building to its death, then man does the most dramatic thing

August 11, 2017 1:10 pm Last Updated: August 11, 2017 1:10 pm

When one cute little baby chipmunk fell 20 feet from its nest, death was almost a certainty. But a group of brave people decided to step in and give the little guy a second chance—even if it meant scaling the side of a building to do so.

In June of 2016, homeowners in India were saddened to discover a cute, baby chipmunk on the ground beside their house. The little creature was so young that it could not even open its eyes, nor could it properly walk. Immediately, they felt a sense of pity for the creature, because without its mother it would surely die.

The little chipmunk had fallen 20 feet from its nest, and rescuers were determined to get it back home.


They did not want to see the precious little creature die, so they called Animal Aid Unlimited, India, to see what could be done to save it.

The AAU rescue team arrived on the scene shortly after the call, and when they did, they had no trouble locating the nest; the mother was crying and calling out for her missing baby.

The nest was located on an air conditioning unit, installed 20 feet off the ground on a tall, flat wall. Unfortunately, the rescue team did not have a ladder tall enough to reach the nest—only a long rope. So, the rescue team had to get creative. They would use the rope to scale the wall and bring the chipmunk baby back to it’s mother.

Rescue workers heard the distressed mother’s cries—making it easy to find the nest.


AAU rescuers grabbed the rope and then headed for the roof, finding a good spot where they could leverage the rope against the house and pull someone up.

With the ‘pullee’ in place, a rescue worker tied the other end of the rope into a harness shape around his legs. He then gathered up the scared little chipmunk and began his ascent up the building.

The operation did not appear to be extremely safe. Still, the crew was determined to get the chipmunk back into the nest.

It was slow going up the wall. The AAU workers were not only concerned for the baby, but they were also concerned for their man on the rope. After a few tense minutes, though, the rescue worker reached the air conditioner.

The rescue workers deposited the chipmunk back in the nest with the rest of its family.


AAU rescue workers realized there was an entire family of chipmunks up there—a couple of other baby chipmunks, as well as their distressed mother.

The mother immediately welcomed back her lost baby, and the rescue worker made the careful descent back down. Everyone was happy to have made a difference.

“All life is precious, no matter how small,” the video says.

That may be so, but here’s hoping the baby will stay in the nest next time.

Watch the full rescue below: