Restaurant went silent when man yelled this at kitchen staff—what he says—room erupts

March 27, 2018 1:33 pm Last Updated: March 27, 2018 1:33 pm

Fast food restaurant workers usually aren’t the recipients of praise. Overlooked and under appreciated, if a customer approaches the staff after already having received their order, chances are it won’t be good.

In fact, countless videos and compilations are dedicated to instances of people flipping out while ordering from a fast food joint.

When Marcus “Booksie” Jeffers approached the counter of a Shake Shack in Marlton, New Jersey, waving a half-eaten burger in his hand, the whole room was tense.

“Who made this burger?” Jeffers yelled loud enough for the entire restaurant to hear.


The kitchen staff was caught off guard. As those behind the counter busily assemble an endless stream of orders, it takes a second for them to realize the shouts are directed their way.

“Who made this burger, man?” Jeffers said in the video. “I know you hear me!”

The Shake Shack employee closest to Jeffers turned to his coworkers and asked who made the burger—urgency and nervousness in his voice. Silence hangs in the air until Jason and Mike are identified as the cooks.

“Jason you’re killing it, man! Mike too!” Jeffers said to an eruption of applause. “It’s a good burger!”


The tension is released from the room instantly, and none appear more relieved than the Shake Shack employees in the kitchen. The line of customers in the background joined in the applause as well.

“Once I started yelling, the music stopped and everyone stared at me in silence, and I wasn’t sure if I took it too far,” Jeffers told Fox News. “So once I complimented the cooks, I’m glad everyone started clapping afterwards.”

Jeffers said he was inspired to make the video after seeing a similar one online in which the ornery customer threw food at the staff. He said he wanted to “put his own positive spin on it,” and is glad everyone was willing to have a laugh.

“Me and my friends planned on going back very soon to show them how big the video had gotten,” Jeffers said. “I’m just glad nothing got out of hand and everyone had a laugh out of it.”

In addition to earning praise from millions of people who have watched the video, Shake Shack responded to Jeffers on Twitter.

If the support of a massive amount of people who have watched the video wasn’t enough, Shake Shack retweeted the video through their corporate Twitter page.

“On point is what we aim for,” their tweet said.

Comments on the video have been wide-ranging, but most fall within the spectrum of praise for Jeffers and his friends.

“This is the type of aggressive positivity I like to see,” said one person. “Jason deserves a raise,” said another.

Watch the full video below: