Stray Pit Bull Was Sad & Abused by Neighborhood Kids—But When Rescuers Approach, It’s so Sweet

June 9, 2018 10:50 am Last Updated: June 9, 2018 10:50 am

When a lost pit bull wandered into a neighborhood one morning, the children playing there got scared and began pelting him with rocks. By the time an adult stepped in to stop them, the dog was injured and very scared.

He hid in an empty plot and refused to eat anything given to him by the concerned lady who lived next door. That’s when Hope For Paws arrived on the scene.

They had got a call about the pit bull earlier that day and hurried out as soon as they could. With the fear that the breed generated in people, they were afraid that he would be mistreated.

When they saw the dog, it was clear that he was docile but very frightened of humans. So, armed with a burger and the “lucky leash,” Eldad and his assistant Jackie got down to the business of getting him to trust them.

Between Eldad, Jackie, and the lady next door, they tried to establish a friendly, safe dynamic until the dog was reassured enough to take a burger from their hand.

Once he had that gulped down, the team knew that the lost dog was just waiting for a little kindness to begin trusting again.

Eldad went into the neighbor’s yard and looped the leash gently around the dog’s neck. Once he was secured to the fence, and they didn’t have to worry about him bolting, they set about making friends with him.

An hour later, the adorable brindle colored dog was happily walking into their car with them. He even spent most of the ride on Eldad’s lap, leaning his head against his shoulder.

They decided to call him “Buddha,” and with his calm, wise eyes, we totally see why.

After surviving hardships, he’s finally under the care of people who will do their best to find him a good home. It’s the best happily ever after we could imagine for this good dog.

Source: Hope For Paws