Rescuers try to save puppies that are so completely stuck in tar, ‘they couldn’t move a muscle’

The puppies cries are utterly heartbreaking
May 9, 2018 10:48 am Last Updated: May 11, 2018 2:03 pm

By nature, puppies are curious little creatures and sometimes their inquisitive spirits can get them into sticky situations.

In November 2017, a group of young dogs accidentally wandered into a pool of tar in Udaipur, India. They might not have known it, but their situation was dire. All they could do was cry out for help and hope someone heard them.

Somehow these three puppies ended up in a pool of tar.

The puppies, which were said to have been one-month-old, ended up in the sticky substance and were unable to free themselves.

“They were so completely stuck, they couldn’t move a muscle,” Animal Aid Unlimited, an organization that rescues animals from the street in Udaipur, India, wrote on their website.

They were helpless.

An observant citizen heard the puppies’ cries for help and alerted Animal Aid Unlimited. When rescuers from the organization arrived on the scene, they realized the seriousness of the situation.

One of the animals’ mouths was even stuck open.

They had to find a way to help the poor babies.

Rescuers worked to find a way to free the trio of puppies from the tar.

It quickly became clear that the only way to save the puppies would be to cut chunks of tar out of the ground and then bring the animal that was still attached to the piece of tar and gravel to the animal hospital.

Everyone feared that the puppies wouldn’t survive.

Once at the hospital, volunteers worked tirelessly to cut off pieces of dirt and rocks and lather the puppies in oil and dish soap to work the tar out of their tiny bodies.

It took volunteers and staff several hours over the course of many days to free the puppies from their sticky situation.

The puppies received massages with oil.

Volunteers and staff continued giving the puppies massages and bathing them for three more days; by then it had looked like the little guys might finally be in the clear.

After several days the puppies were free of tar.

There was just one more thing Animal Aid Unlimited hoped for in order to call the rescue a success. They wanted to find the babies’ mother.

Volunteers searched high and low and finally they found the puppies’ mother and the family was reunited.

Miraculously the little ones were reunited with their mother.

According to Channel News Asia, a local took the family of four in and Animal Aid Unlimited planned to perform weekly checks on the puppies.

Watch the heartwrenching rescue in the video below.