Rescued from dog-fighting ring & placed in shelter. Dog breaks free & jumps on man—they feared worst

December 22, 2017 6:14 pm Last Updated: December 22, 2017 6:14 pm

No matter what the breed is, dogs are meant to love.

Oogy is a Dogo Argentino that didn’t get his name until later in life. But before he got it, he went through hell.

He was only four months old when he was used in one of the worst treatments for a canine: a dog-fighting ring.

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The Dogo was used as bait in the ring; dogs would be forced to bite him in order to practice for dog fighting.

His heartless owners neglected and abused him to the point at which he had lost one of his ears, and had a sizable hole in his skull. The blood vessels in his head had been damaged, and eventually, when they thought he was no longer useful to them, the people had left him for dead in his cage.

For more than five days, the poor dog laid in his cage, with no food, water, or any human contact. He was essentially waiting to die.

But then the police arrived, raiding the compound and saving the dog on the brink of death.

The dog was taken to a animal hospital near Philadelphia, where they attempted to treat his injuries. Unfortunately, a lot of the damage had already been done, but somehow the dog survived. The hospital worked to nurse the Dogo back to health.

This is where Larry Lewis comes in.

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Larry had gone to the same shelter with his 12-year-old twin sons Noah and Dan to put down their 17-year-old cat, when he had seen the Dogo. Something pulled the father to this dog. It looked like a pit bull, which are perceived to be aggressive, yet this dog could not be friendlier.

“He was as smooth as butter and covered us with kisses,” he said. Looking past his uncommon appearance, he saw that the animal was just a kind dog.

While Larry was conversing with some staff at the shelter, the Dogo suddenly broke free from his leash.

“He literally pulled the leash from the handler’s fist, and rushed and rocketed into Noah,” said Larry.

Given the dog’s history, the spectators could’ve feared the worst, seeing this dog abused by humans his whole life run toward another human out of nowhere.

But it wasn’t to attack.

All the dog did was lick Noah’s face; he just wanted to show him love.

Despite all the torture he was put through, and how he was left to die, this dog still had a big heart, and was finally able to display it.

The doctor even told the family, “This is one of the happiest dogs I’ve ever met.”

It was a no-brainer for Larry and his family to take in this dog.

They named him Oogy, an affectionate derivative of the word “ugly.” Though people may have seen him as ugly, the only thing that mattered was his unconditional love for others.

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For the next few years, Oogy was one of the family’s own. He played with them in the yard, cuddled with each family member, and never hurt anyone under any circumstances. It was the perfect family for a creature like Oogy to be with.

“We did not see the scarring except through other people’s eyes,” said Larry.

The neighborhood also got to know him, as he wanted to meet everyone he came into contact with on walks, and they came to love him just like he did with them. Oogy was able to get the affection he never had.

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Unfortunately, Oogy passed away in August 2017. But he left his mark on those who loved him—so much that Larry has written a book dedicated to the dog he adored.

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Larry said, “This dog is living proof that you can go through the most obscene experience imaginable, and find love on the other side.”

Oogy’s story is one that can resonate with anyone; he survived the worst of times, and was able to live a full life afterwards with a family that cared for him.

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