Reporter fangirls on air over celebrity interview—what she doesn’t know is that he’s still listening

January 23, 2018 11:45 am Last Updated: January 23, 2018 11:58 am

As a reporter you are supposed to remain professional in all settings, but for Chicago’s WGN Morning News’ Around Town reporter Ana Belaval, remaining calm, cool, and collected proved to be a little difficult.

After conducting her interview with Ricky Martin via live satellite, Belaval had a major fangirl moment. And if that wasn’t funny enough, Martin was still listening and heard every word of her freakout.

Belaval had the opportunity to ask Martin about recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Belaval, who is a Puerto Rican native, wrapped up her interview with Ricky Martin, who is also Puerto Rican, and celebrated on camera.

“She’s in tears right now, seriously,” one of the anchors commented as Belaval jumped around and at one point even hugged the camera.

She absolutely freaked out after the interview.

Once Belaval settled down, she explained to viewers and her co-workers why she was so excited to interview Ricky Martin.

“I seriously went very berserk on Dean Richards [WGN’s Entertainment reporter] because you have to understand, when you’re part of a minority, and you don’t have a lot of role models in media, and you have a Ricky Martin that wherever you go in the world, it’s a good name to mention as a Puerto Rican, oh my goodness you feel related to him,” she said on-air.

She continued to joke about Martin and the morning show’s anchors couldn’t contain themselves.

Belaval had no idea Ricky Martin had heard her fangirl moment.

The WGN reporter would have continued going on had it not been for one of the anchors telling Martin that he’d “call 911” on his behalf.

“Oh, he’s still there?!” a very surprised Belaval said when she heard her the anchor’s comment. “I’m going to kill you!”

Martin was a good sport throughout the fangirl moment, saying, “I love what I’m hearing,” in between fits of laughter.

Learning Martin had heard her comments didn’t stop her from freaking out yet again.

In an interview with NPR, Belaval said that if she ever got the opportunity to meet the star in real life, she’d be “dignified.” Although she did joke that someone might have to bring in a rescue team.

Whether she remains professional or becomes completely starstruck we hope that one day the two will meet.