Rare boy twins in dire situation survived in the womb by holding hands

June 13, 2017 2:29 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2017 2:29 pm

Rowan and Blake Lampshire got a jump start on twin bonding when they first met in the womb.

They started holding hands and their parents, Hayley and Charlie Ellis, couldn’t have been more touched to see their special bond with every ultrasound photo. But there was an even more meaningful reason that evoked those emotions from mom and dad.

Their unborn twins were “mono-mono twins,” a rare type of identical twins when the babies share one amniotic sac.

Mono-mono twins come with the risk that their umbilical cords could become intertwined and potentially become knotted. If that were to happen, the major concern would then be a possibility that their food supply would be cut off.

Equally concerning would be if one or both boys umbilical cords could wrap itself unintentionally around their neck and restrict air supply to the brain. Rowan and Blake had everyone worried.

“We couldn’t do anything to prevent it,” Hayley Ellis said. “That was the scariest part.”

All anyone could do was to wait, pray, and hope for the best.

Hayley did require extra ultrasounds so they could keep a close watch on those umbilical cords. Every one to two weeks, the doctors and staff would take a peek. They soon realized that these gorgeous little brothers liked each other to the point of always holding hands.

Closeness was a real advantage in this case. The less they moved or squirmed around meant that the chance of those umbilical cords getting tangled decreased.

It’s almost as if the babies were aware of their condition and were doing their part to prevent any complications.

Hayley said that with each sonogram, her babies were quiet and still, cuddling, and  holding hands.

“They were always really close and tucked up together,” she said. “Each time they seemed to be doing well.”

This encouraged the parents and gave them hope all throughout the pregnancy. Rowan and Blake literally saved each others’ life.

Hayley needed a C-section to deliver the boys, and they had to be supported with breathing, but thankfully the twins were sent home after a 3-week hospital stay. Everyone celebrated the beautiful miracle, while the twins just kept holding hands.


Watch the video of their story below: