Puppy gets stuck in impossible situation—fire department left with no choice

April 13, 2018 3:16 pm Last Updated: April 14, 2018 10:58 am

Puppies are perhaps one of the most beloved creatures on the planet—and for good reason. They’re innocent, adorable, and rambunctious, but sometimes that combination can lead to serious trouble.

On Friday, April 6, a puppy in Bastrop, Texas, somehow managed to get itself stuck somewhere most people wouldn’t think was even possible. When the owner got a look at the distressed pup, they knew instantly they would need help.

A puppy in Texas got its head stuck inside of a tire.

The pup’s owner called rescue group Wags, Hope and Healing for help.

The rescue group realized the issue was well above what they were equipped to handle, so they in turn called the city’s animal services department.

“I get there and lo and behold, the puppy is legitimately stuck,” Evan Jacobs, Animal Services Manager for the Bastrop County Animal Shelter, told Inside Edition.

After several attempts to get the puppy free, Evans realized they needed to call in reinforcements.

“The owner and I picked up the wheel, brought it outside the shed, we tried and tried, couldn’t get the puppy out, so I eventually called the fire department,” he told KXAN.

The fire department responded quickly, and at first, they also struggled with how to solve the problem.

The fire department tried a number of different methods to try and get the puppy out of the tire, but they were all unsuccessful.

Firefighters tried loosening the puppy’s neck from the tire with oil. When that didn’t work, they tried using the jaws of life to get it free—that also proved fruitless.

“We were both curious how a puppy got its head stuck in a tire rim,” Erick Johns, one of the firefighters who responded, told KXAN.

After numerous attempts failed to get the puppy free, Jacobs began to worry it couldn’t be done.

“Had it stayed there overnight—they are about eight weeks or a little over eight weeks old—you can run into dehydration and [the puppy] was in a shed outside the house, so it could have been a pretty bad situation,” Jacobs said.

Fortunately, a responding firefighter named Violet Schneider came up with an ingenious way to get the pup free.

“My coworker, Violet, thought when a puppy sits down it kind of gets scrunched up, so we had the animal control guy tilt [the puppy] higher forward,” Johns said.

“[Violet] grabbed the body of the puppy, and I grabbed the head. And she started to twist the puppy as I twisted the head and started to twist it out and we go that dog out.”

The 8-week-old pup immediately started running around playfully as if nothing had happened. It was happy to be reunited with its mother and seven other brothers and sisters.

The mom and all of her puppies will be spayed and neutered, and the puppies will be up for adoption through Wags, Hope and Healing and the Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter.

Posted by Bastrop County Animal Control And Shelter on Saturday, April 7, 2018