Prom queen hands the title to classmate with Downs syndrome in touching gesture

June 27, 2017 1:49 pm Last Updated: June 27, 2017 1:49 pm


Prom night is a memorable experience for everyone, but for these two prom queens it was truly unforgettable.

At Leander High School in Texas, the prom queen nominees were down to five seniors, including Keilany Solano and Abby Cano, who has Down syndrome.

According to KXAN, the two were classmates for a long time, but didn’t know each other that well, other than the friendly high-fives Abby would routinely give to students in the halls.

At the end of the night, Keilany was announced as the prom queen winner. She accepted the title on the dance floor, took photos with her boyfriend, who had also won, and then turned around and saw Abby.

And then she decided to do something awesome.

Realizing that the experience of being prom queen would be so much more special for her classmate, Keilany handed over her crown and sash to Abby.

It’s an incredibly touching moment – and one that truly paid off, as Abby seems to be loving her new role as prom queen. In KXAN’s video, she is seem practicing her poses and royal waves.

And her mother is extremely touched, and surprised, at the amount of kindness her daughter has received despite her differences – not only at prom, but throughout her entire school career.

“From the time she started here in first grade all the way through her senior year in high school,” the mother told KXAN, “she has had the most amazing experiences of people being really, really kind to her and doing these wonderful things for her.”

As for Keilany, besides knowing she made her classmate’s night and did a selfless act of kindness, she got a nice shout-out back at school, where her classmates honored her with a new sash and crown for being such a great embodiment of the school’s spirit.

Beneath the pageantry and competition, prom is all about celebrating the end of high school with your peers and creating lasting memories. It’s great that both Abby and Keilany got to have such an unforgettable moment, one that represents the best of the high school experience and the power of human kindness.

Congratulations, prom queens!