Pregnant woman carries deceased fetus in womb for over 3 months to save his twin brother

April 13, 2017 3:18 am Last Updated: April 13, 2017 3:18 am

While this woman was pregnant with twin boys, she learned that one of the two fetuses was deceased. In order to give life to her remaining son, she would have to carry them both right to the end of her term.

While Emma Dutton, 30, and her partner Mark were preparing for the arrival of their twin boys, an ultra-scan revealed some alarming news: that the boys’ lives were at risk. They learned that their unborn sons had a life-threatening disease known as ‘Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome’ (TTTS), a condition in which one baby receives a higher flow of blood from the placenta than the other. It is an extremely dangerous condition for the lives of both fetuses.

Emma Dutton was devastated to discover that her unborn twins had a life-threatening disease.

At 20 weeks, she learned that one of her twin sons had died in the womb. Emma told Mirror Online that, “[t]o have that news and then be told one of them had died was just absolutely devastating. After that, I was convinced I’d lose the other one too”. In order to give her surviving child the best chance at life, she had to carry both sons to term, which would be another 15 weeks. When the time came, she and Mark welcomed little Oliver (the surviving child) into the world via c-section. The newborn weighed 4 lb, 11 oz, while his deceased brother, whom they named Elijah, weighed only three ounces.

Baby Oliver rests in the hospital with his mother Emma.

Emma Dutton

The couple said farewell to their stillborn son, whom they named Elijah, which means “Jehovah is God” in Hebrew.

Both parents are now involved in helping to raise funds too support a TTTS registry to help researchers learn more about the disease.

The surviving twin was born healthy at 4 lbs, 11 oz.

Oliver pictured on the neonatal ward after he was delivered on June 16 last year
Emma Dutton

Emma Dutton with her partner Mark and son Oliver, at 10-months

Emma Dutton

It is just a natural part of life that certain things happen—that innocent lives may be cut short or may not even have a chance to begin life. When we are able to accept, even embrace life as such, and not dwell in the past sorrows, and if we are able to move forward despite our troubles, all the more so may we appreciate the ones we already have in our world.

The young man is now looking robust and healthy!

Oliver is now 10-months-old
Emma Dutton