Pregnant woman breaks down crying over her pancakes

January 5, 2018 10:38 am Last Updated: January 5, 2018 10:38 am

There are two well-known cliches about pregnant women: they can get very emotional about little things, and they get pretty serious about their food cravings.

And in this hilarious viral video, one woman proves that they’re both absolutely true.

Lisa Piccitto, from Jupiter, Florida, is expecting twins. And now, late into her pregnancy, her babies might be getting to her head.

She was in the car with her sister, Renee, when she unexpectedly started crying—but the reason was so funny her sister couldn’t help but start filming.

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

“This is a pregnant woman crying in the car…” Renee narrates. “Because…”

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

It turns out, the source of Lisa’s tears was her meal of delicious banana pancakes.

Whether it’s baby brain talking or those are truly just delicious pancakes (they do look pretty great), there’s no denying that Lisa is really feeling the love for some breakfast food.

Renee told Caters News, who posted the video, that this isn’t a first time occurrence.

“While pregnant Lisa has started crying over food and sobs over every bite of her pancake.”

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

Not wishing to keep this glorious food all to herself, Lisa offers her car patrons (who really missed out by ordering waffles, it seems) a taste.

“Are we gonna cry if we eat it?” her sister asks.

“Maybe?” Lisa replies, insisting that, despite the tears that may come, it’s “worth it.”

Renee asks her to take another bite for the camera…

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

And of course, she starts crying again.

Through her sobs, Lisa can only get out a pretty simple explanation for her tears:

“…the flavor!”

(Caters Clips/Screenshot)

But being a pregnant woman is a hard job, and if she wants to get emotional over her food, she should just let it out. She deserves all the pancakes she can get her hands on.

And no word on where they got their breakfast, but hopefully they’ll let us all know so we can get a taste for ourselves. This is the best publicity a restaurant could ask for.

Watch the video below: