Pregnant mother hides gender of baby for special reason—once loved ones go to hospital—they’re all shocked

December 19, 2017 10:45 am Last Updated: December 19, 2017 10:45 am

The gender reveal videos that are all over the Internet keep getting crazier. But in one case, Theresa Slater wanted to up the ante a little. She hoped to not only reveal the gender, but how many babies she had as well.

Slater was pregnant with her second child, and her entire family couldn’t have been more excited for her.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

Of course, any family would be dying to know the gender of the child as soon as the mother found out. But for this pregnancy, there was a catch: Slater would not tell her family and friends the gender of her soon to be born baby.

They would all have to wait until the baby was born to find out.

The family members obliged, as who doesn’t like a surprise? But this wasn’t the only reason she kept the gender from her loved ones. It’s because she had held a different secret from the majority of her family.

She actually gave birth to twin boys!

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

The months of hiding the gender had a purpose. Slater wanted to see the family’s genuine reactions upon seeing that she not only had a son, but TWO of them. And it would make the reveal all the better to get two surprises in one.

In this video titled “Ultimate Twin Surprise,” the reactions of their loved ones are shown in its entirety. And they do not disappoint.

Those who met Slater and the babies at the hospital were put behind a curtain, and they all mostly guessed boy. They were sort of right.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

The first loved ones came in, happy to finally see Slater’s baby, and elated to see that it’s a healthy baby boy.

Then, they noticed there were two of them.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

Upon the realization, one lady even dropped her purse!

And this was just the beginning.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

“Are you serious?” Some of them yelled. The loved ones on FaceTime couldn’t believe it either.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

Shocked faces and gasps, followed by huge smiles, filled the video.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)

Almost every single person that walked in was shocked when they saw the twins. With the video now at over 5 million views, so was everyone else that saw it. Slater got what she wanted in that everyone’s reactions were truly natural, and every single one of her family and friends were happy for her.

The Slater family is now five people strong. But if Slater does get pregnant again, she’s going to have to think of a different way to hide the gender should she want to make another video like this.

(YouTube / Theresa Slater)