Poor puppy got stuck in tiny pipe, what the workers do to free him is awesome…

April 28, 2017 8:26 pm Last Updated: April 28, 2017 8:26 pm

Recently, a video of a determined dog rescue posted from an anonymous user in Thailand went viral. It features a small, white puppy who has somehow managed to get his entire body stuck inside an iron pipe. It’s unclear how he got stuck so far inside, since his body hardly fits. Only his little head stuck out, and once he was through, his ears just wouldn’t let him pull his head back in.

It’s also unclear how the heroes came upon this dog in this unfortunate situation, but the heroic nature of the rescue itself has the entire internet buzzing.

No one knows how the dog managed to squeeze himself into the minuscule space to begin with, but fortunately he was able to stick his head through the small opening so that rescuers could find him.

Other rescue parties might decide that the steel casing was impossible to remove without hurting the dog, and they could have just euthanized him so he’d no longer be in pain.

But these rescue workers wouldn’t consider that option, and instead used every tool available to them to try to free the dog safely first. They lathered his head with soap and water so that he could more easily slide his head through the hole.

They also used industrial strength cutting tools to to slice through the iron without hurting the dog.

The entire rescue took a grueling 40 minutes.

Though it was often uncomfortable, the rescue workers did their best to console the frightened pup and keep the rescue as painless as possible.

Eventually, he was freed from the iron trap. Rescuers cleaned him off, gave him plenty of pets, and got him the veterinary attention he needed.