9-year-old runs away from home, so neighbors call police. But when cop arrives—it ends differently

September 11, 2017 11:33 am Last Updated: October 4, 2017 8:02 pm


The Oklahoma City Police Department recently shared a touching thank you note from a mother whose son had run away from home.

According to the note, the family was dealing with some issues at home, and thanks to an understanding police officer, the situation was able to be resolved safely.

The woman who wrote the note, spoke about how her nine-year-old son, who was adopted from foster care, suffered from a “laundry list of emotional issues.” His most recent way of handling his emotions was to run away from home. There were times that the boy would be gone for hours. This particular day, her son had taken off for the second time in one day.

A nine-year-old boy ran away from his home after a disagreement with his parents.

(Facebook/Oklahoma City Police Department)

When her son ran out the back door, climbed over their fence, and ran off down the road, she was right behind him in the family car. She wrote that she spent an hour attempting to get him into the car, but he refused.

In an interview with KOCO 5 News, Officer O’Bryant said that a neighbor had seen the boy running down the street and was able to catch up to him. However, the neighbor thought the boy might benefit from speaking to an authority figure, so they called the police.

Officer O’Bryant was called to the scene.

“I just kind of pulled him aside and got down on his level and listened to him and talked to him for a little bit,” he said.

A neighbor found the boy and called the police to help bring him home.

After speaking to the boy, O’Bryant discovered the reason why he ran away. The boy wanted some candy, so he took it without getting permission from his parents. According to O’Bryant, the boy plays sports and follows a “strict diet” as a result.

Eventually the officer was able to convince the boy to return home, but the boy said he wouldn’t go unless he got a ride in O’Bryant’s patrol car.

“During that time I was one-on-one with him, so I got to learn a little more about him and got him calmed down a little more,” O’Bryant told KOCO 5 News. “[I] got him to understand that listening and asking for stuff from his parents would probably go a lot further than just going and taking it or going and doing it on his own.”

Officer O’Bryant responded and helped talk the boy into returning home.

(Facebook/Oklahoma City Police Department)

When O’Bryant brought the boy home, his parents were extremely thankful.

“What started out as another page in the nightmare … turned into a really positive encounter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

The officer remarked that since the encounter seemed to have a positive impact on both the boy and his family he hopes that in the future the boy will think about his actions first.

The parents said they planned to let O’Bryant’s supervisor know about his good deed, and they followed through!