Woman sees officer walk up to teenager in McDonald’s. But what he does—she needs to take a picture

The police officer went beyond his normal responsibilities when he decided to do this.
January 17, 2018 11:40 am Last Updated: January 17, 2018 11:40 am

In recent years, almost everyone has heard myriad stories of people paying it forward or random customers surprising their waiters with a hefty tip. Reading or watching videos about these good things people have done for strangers can be a tear-jerking affair—but actually witnessing these acts of kindness can truly restore people’s faith in humanity.

One police officer went beyond his normal responsibilities when he took it upon himself to do something nice for a teenager.

A witness named Jayy Delarosa was in a Texas McDonald’s when she saw an African-American teen ordering a meal. After ordering his food, the youth was about to pay for it—but a white police officer by the name of Deputy Michael Calhoun told the young man, “No, I got it. Get what you want.”

Local woman, Jayy Delarosa spotted this recent exchange at a local McDonald's. The teen in the maroon shirt was getting…

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Deputy Calhoun then paid for the teen’s food—but he was not aware that Delarosa took his picture and later posted on Facebook. He was just a man doing something generous because he felt like it.

Delarosa said that the positive interaction between the cop and the young man “touched her heart,” according to SF Globe.

During these trying times, when negative interactions with police officers are often in the media, it’s refreshing for many people to see such a positive story.