Police arrive at old couple’s home only to realize there’s no emergency, they just needed company

A neighbor heard a loud cry from their place and called the police.
July 1, 2018 7:51 pm Last Updated: July 1, 2018 7:51 pm

Crime, political unrest, natural disasters … lately, if you turn on the news it seems like those are the only things happening in the world, and the constant bombardment of bad news can take a toll on an otherwise happy person.

On a summer night in 2016, Jole and her husband, Michele, reached their breaking point. Michele began to cry.

They could have easily turned the TV off, but to them the television was like their company.


Jole, 84, and her husband, Michele, 94, had been married for 70 years and lived in Rome, Italy.

Like many nights before, the couple turned on their television. Although it often was the bearer of bad news, it kept them company.

The elderly couple rarely had visitors stop by their home.


In August 2016, they were watching TV when Michele began to cry.

His cries were so loud that they attracted the attention of a neighbor who called the police in fear that something had gone terribly wrong.

One night, Michele couldn’t take the bad news or the loneliness anymore and he cried.


When the police arrived they realized there was no emergency. The 84-year-old and her 94-year-old husband were not in immediate danger—they were simply lonely and needed a friend.

They told the four officers who responded to the call that it had been awhile since they had any visitors and, that, combined with the never-ending cycle of terrible news on the TV, contributed to Michele’s tears.

The officers noticed the state of the couple’s kitchen and asked to prepare them a meal.

Posted by Questura di Roma on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

“There are no forms to fill out. We do not need codes tonight. We need to be men,” they shared on their Facebook page.

So, rather than leave Jole and Michele once they realized they were not victims of a crime, the four officers stayed for awhile and kept them company.

One officer cooked pasta, while the others engaged in a conversation with the happily-married couple.

Posted by Questura di Roma on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

They made pasta with butter and cheese—it wasn’t an elaborate meal, but it was exactly what the couple needed.

The police shared the story on their Facebook page in 2016 and received many thanks for their kindness towards Jole and Michele.

Others, complete strangers to the elderly couple, asked if they could send cards to let them know that while at times they may feel like they’re the only ones in the world, they were not alone. There is always someone out there willing to lend an ear.

Hopefully the couple is doing well today.