Woman overjoyed to get back her 3 rings she accidentally flushed down the toilet

"I gave the worst scream ever and everyone in the house panicked."
June 17, 2018 3:51 pm Last Updated: June 17, 2018 3:51 pm

Some people take their jewelry off when they wash the dishes or clean the bathroom because they don’t want it to get wet. Or maybe they’re nervous something might happen and their ring might slide off their finger and down the drain.

Chances are we’ve all imagined that nightmare scenario before, but thankfully we’ve never lived it.

Every day since she got married Krista Ramey has been wearing three rings on her finger, until one day recently they slipped off and down the toilet.

Krista Ramey wears her wedding band, her husband’s wedding band, and her engagement ring.

Ramey, who has been married for more than two decades, has worn three rings on her hand ever since the day she married her husband.

She explained to Inside Edition that in addition to wearing her engagement ring and her wedding band, she also wears her husband’s wedding band because his job requires that he work with his hands all day.

One day while cleaning the bathroom, Ramey’s rings slid off her finger.

The woman, from Trotwood, Ohio, was cleaning her bathroom when her rings dropped into the toilet. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize it until after she had already flushed the toilet.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” she told Inside Edition. “I gave the worst scream ever and everyone in the house panicked.”

The heirloom rings had been appraised at “close to” $30,000, according to the Dayton Daily News.

She didn’t realize they had fallen down the toilet until it was too late.

She immediately contacted her husband who took apart their toilet in an attempt to find the rings, but didn’t have any luck.

Even though her gut told her the rings had fallen down the drain, she had family members search the house in case the rings had been misplaced. But they too came up empty-handed.

“Some people would have seen this as just a pair of rings, but to me, this was my life story,” Ramey told the Dayton Daily News. “They mean that much to me.”

Ramey contacted a plumber, but was told the rings were long gone.

Finally, it became clear this was a job for a professional. Ramey contacted the family’s usual plumber, but was told they wouldn’t be able to recover the rings.

“I cried the whole night,” Ramey told Inside Edition. “My rings, when I look at them, I see my grandchildren. I see my sister, my mother, my father, who is no longer here.”

After watching a YouTube video of a ring recovery, Ramey tried one more plumber.

While watching videos of people recovering rings, Ramey came across a plumber that received a glowing review for their jewelry recovery. She gave the company a call.

“It was like he knew how much these rings meant to me,” she told the Dayton Daily News.

The next day the plumber arrived at her home and got to work.

Before the plumber came, no one used any water so the rings wouldn’t move further down the pipes.

The plumbing company had to obtain permission from the county and then they were able to start digging in Ramey’s yard.

“I didn’t care if they dug that whole yard up, I didn’t care. I’m serious,” she said.

After six hours of digging, the crew of three found Ramey’s three rings “so close” to the main county water system, that any further would have made recovery even more difficult.

It took a crew of three six hours to find Ramey’s rings.

Amazingly enough the rings, though dirty, didn’t sustain any damage during their travels.

For Ramey, the $3,000 it cost to recover her rings was a small price to pay.

“It reminds me why I am here in this world every day,” she told Inside Edition. “When I go to look at those rings, I know no matter what I go through, God gave me someone special.”