Pint-sized Star Wars fan’s incredible Halloween costume is a must-see

May 18, 2017 2:25 pm Last Updated: May 18, 2017 2:25 pm

An amazing Halloween costume, handmade for a little Star Wars fan, is attracting plenty of praise. Clint Chase shared the video to Facebook on October 11, which shows his adorable son parading around in his Tauntaun outfit.

The costume creates the illusion that the kid (looking like a member of the Rebel Alliance) is riding one of the furry, sure-footed creatures around his living room. The Tauntaun appears to be in pretty good shape, despite braving temperatures much warmer than its native Hoth.

Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Over time, in the United States, the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses.

Dressing up in costumes and going “guising” was prevalent in Ireland and Scotland at Halloween by the late 19th century.