Truck rolls back and hits man’s car—he looks inside, and sees a heart-stopping sight

September 3, 2017 4:06 pm Last Updated: September 3, 2017 4:06 pm

Tim Bias was stuck on the highway in sluggish weekend traffic, on his way back from vacation. He was tired, he was hungry, and he just wanted to get home.

“All the sudden, the traffic comes to a screeching halt,” Bias said. Needless to say, he was annoyed. But then he looked up, and saw a white Ram truck rolling backwards right at him.


Bias pulled over and glanced inside the white pickup truck—and saw that the driver who was an older man who looked unconscious.

“It just kicked in. I jumped out of my truck,” said Bias.

The truck kept rolling, and rolled right into another car and slowed down. Bias ran right up to the man and tried the door–it was unlocked.

“I looked at him, he was still not moving. I yelled at him, ‘Sir, sir!'” Bias said. But nothing. He tried shaking the man—no response. Then he put his heart over the man’s heart, and felt no heartbeat.

Just as Bias was about to expect the worse, another driver, an off-duty nurse, had made her way over. She performed CPR as Bias waited for an ambulance, which arrived about eight minutes later.

When the old man was taken away by paramedics, he was still unconscious, and Bias didn’t know what to think. He asked one of the state troopers to give him a call about the gentleman’s condition when there was an update, and hoped for the best while preparing for the worst.

The next day, he got a phone call that choked him up.

The officer called to let him know how the driver was doing: “Tim, if it wasn’t for you, this guy wouldn’t be alive.”

“Oh,” was the only immediate response Bias had. It was unbelievable. “Every time I say it, it just gets me,” he said as he got choked up again, tearing up. “I think there was a reason for this all happening this way. Because I don’t think he’d be here right now.”

“I just did what I felt was right. And it means so much that he is alive,” he said.