Fire department warning parents to check where their kids are charging their phones

October 17, 2017 7:37 am Last Updated: October 17, 2017 12:01 pm

Nowadays, most families own multiple hand-held devices, including cell phones, portable tablets, and other forms of technologically advanced devices. Hence, it is not uncommon that both children and parents end up charging their phones and tablets on their beds, either over the bedsheets or under the pillows and blankets.

More than 50% of teenagers fall asleep with their cell phones actually charging on their beds, according to the Newton New Hampshire Fire Department. But, they say, this habit is not a good idea—it poses a dangerous fire risk to your entire family.

In case you don’t believe them and are still wondering how chargers can catch fire while using them on your bed, the fire department published a series of photographs on their Facebook page.

(Facebook/Newton NH Fire Department)

“Research has revealed that 53% of teens/children charge their tablet or phone either on their bed or under their pillow. This can be extremely dangerous,” the fire department wrote.

The pictures clearly show that the results of an overheated charger can be quite severe. This further indicates that charging a phone on your bed overnight is highly risky, similar to leaving a candle burning.

How does the sheet or pillow end up catching fire? “The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter,” the fire department explained in their post.

Chargers for other devices such as laptops, gaming devices, phones, and tablets, also generate an excessive amount of heat. Without sufficient ventilation, fires will break out.

That’s why the fire department has suggested people double check the location of their teenage child’s phone or tablet charger.

And, make sure to inform them about the habit of keeping the chargers away from bedspreads and flammable sheets, irrespective of what type of tech gadgets that they are using.

This particular habit will reduce chances of a fire suddenly breaking out and protect your family.

In addition to the fire risk, there are other reasons why you might not want to keep your phone or tablet by your bed. One is the temptation to look at your phone or device at night. The light emitted by screens is blue, which research has indicated can interfere with your natural sleep cycle. This in turn can lead to a number of mild to serious health problems.

From increased stress and anxiety to causing various symptoms of addiction, studies suggest that too much screen time can sabotage both your mental and physical health.

So the advice of the fire department might just protect you and your family from more than just fire!