Photos show that animals can also be best friends with dogs!

April 23, 2017 11:44 pm Last Updated: April 23, 2017 11:44 pm

Enjoy this list of the 21 cutest, most incredible animals, dogs have made friends with.

1. Orangutans, like us, enjoy having pets

©Suryia & Roscoe

2. Torque adopted Shrek, the owl when he was just a chick, now Shrek thinks he is a dog

©Solent News and Photos

3. Nothing better than hitting the pool with your best pal, the warthog

4. Bonedigger,  the lion may look scary, but Milo the sausage dog trusts the King!

© Bacroft USA

5. Mitani, the dog and Kasi, the cheetah make a delightful pair as they grew up together at Busch Gardens

©Wall Foryou

6. It’s important to see eye-to-eye with your friends

via Cute Overload

7. Pippin, the fawn has moved back to the forest, but occasionally visits Kane, from time to time

©Kate & Pippin

8. Very close friends … Is there actually a dog in this picture? Looks like two sheep!

9. Afternoon snooze!

©Reddit | remotecontrol

10. Little Ichimi’s mother abandoned her, but Ponzu was there for her…

©Instagram | shimejiwasabi

 11. Mabel had no problem raising these two rather strange-looking chicks

12. Sahara and Anatolian the dog aren’t just friends; they are work together training  guard dogs 

13. Just one of the flock

©Instagram | Bob O

14. Osiris and Riffrat know friends come in all shapes and sizes

©Instagram | Osiris & Friends

15. This rescued wild pig found a friend in Candy, the Jack Russell

16. Fred is very good at  adopting animals; here he is seen with Dennis the duck, what a sweetheart!

17. I think Bella believes Bubbles is just a REALLY big dog

©Barry Bland

18. Seals and dogs share a common trait, they are both extremely friendly

19. This magnificent photo shows a friendly polar bear returning each year to greet his furry friend

©Norbert Rosing

20. The dolphin and the dog teach each other their swimming techniques

21. Tinni the dog and Sniffer the fox.

©Instagram | juniperfoxx