Bride-to-be sends a few words of advice to personal trainer who attempted to body-shame her

August 31, 2017 11:20 am Last Updated: August 31, 2017 11:20 am


When body-positive podcast host Cassie Young recently got engaged, she was ecstatic, and like nearly every bride-to-be before her and everyone after, she shared her happy news on her social media channels. The majority of the comments she received were congratulatory in nature, however, there was one that was a little off-putting.

“Congratulations on your wedding. Hire me to get in shape for your wedding,” the message read.

Young shared the original message she received on Twitter along with the conversation that followed. The body-positive podcast host wrote on Facebook that while she normally doesn’t mind receiving pitches from people offering their services, this particular person seemed to have ulterior motives.

After she shared the news of her engagement online, Young received a pitch from a trainer.

At first glance the unidentified trainer’s initial message seemed somewhat harmless—personal trainers obviously need to build a client base. But once Young responded to the trainer and said she was not interested because she was already “in shape,” things took an interesting turn.

Rather than take “no” for an answer, the trainer insisted that if she didn’t hire him, she should “hire someone.”

(Facebook/Cassie Young)

Young chose to share the conversation because she believed this trainer’s way of thinking could be detrimental to person’s feeling of self-worth.

“I’m posting this because I want every woman and man to know that it does not MATTER what you look like,” she wrote on Facebook. “You are worthy. Love is out there for you. Life is waiting with open arms.”

Rather than ignore the trainer’s second message, Young continued the educate the poor soul who clearly couldn’t grasp the idea that some people don’t need to lose weight or “get in shape” in order to love their bodies.

Young broke it down for the trainer and explained how she loves her body.

(Facebook/Cassie Young)
(Facebook/Cassie Young)

Despite her passionate response detailing how she has spent a long time working on loving herself, the trainer wrote back with a less than empathetic response.

“You can accept how you look now but you can’t be happy with the way you look,” he wrote in part.

When he continued to question how she could be happy with herself, she explained in great length.

(Facebook/Cassie Young)

At one point the trainer claimed to know how Young was supposedly feeling.

“You can be happy with your life and your loved ones and you can love yourself but still hate the way you look,” he wrote. “I have been there I know how it is that’s why I can comment so openly about it.”

Young explained that self-worth should not be based on appearance.

(Facebook/Cassie Young)

Even though Young could have just as easily ignored the trainer or even blocked him, she wanted to send a message to not only him, but to everyone else—your appearance does not define you.

According to Someecards, she wanted to educate him in hopes that he thinks twice about telling potential clients or his current clients what to think about their bodies.

Your inner-value and self-worth comes from YOU, not what you look like. Who gives a f**k if you got a few extra pounds. Or ten. Or twenty. Thirty. Whatever. If you are happy and healthy, that’s ALL that matters. Those pounds DO 👏NOT 👏DEFINE 👏YOU 👏OR 👏YOUR 👏WORTH. Don’t let people like this try to convince you otherwise, because they’ll try – but it’s because they don’t understand yet. They’re caught up in the game and can’t see it for what it is. You can. Life is waiting for you. It’s too short to be spent worrying about a belly roll. Go be happy and live it to your fullest.

You go, girl!

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