Son loved photography but alcoholic dad sold camera—15yrs later, he finds camera with craziest thing

October 15, 2017 11:34 am Last Updated: October 15, 2017 12:35 pm

Have you ever experienced the joy of finding an item that you once lost? The feeling is overwhelming and can make you do all sorts of funny things. Losing an item that meant the world to you can be heartbreaking to anyone, but finding it at the least expected time elicits the best emotions. A redditor named The 8th Passenger explained how he bumped into his father’s camera at a pawn shop 15 years after he undersold it.

It was a camera his father owned about two decades ago, which went into a camera bag with a handmade little chart explaining aperture and shutter speed where the redditor had drawn little corresponding circles on as a child.

But one day, his father, an alcoholic and abusive too, decided to sell his camera to buy some booze.

Fifteen years later, the redditor had a pawn shop near his place of work that he would frequent to check if there were new items to add to his collection.

On one lucky day, he decided to check what he terms as “hidden gems” in the store and what he found remains one of his favorite items in his collection. He bumped into a camera that looked similar to his fathers, and he instantly bought it. The redditor says that he bought the camera “just because it looked like the one he undersold.”

At the pawnshop, the redditor had not checked whether the camera was working correctly. Therefore, the first thing he did at home was inspecting the camera before cleaning it properly. He also searched the bag, and that is when he finally confirmed his suspicions. In the bag was the paper where he had drawn the small blue circles while he was a child.


The reality that he was holding his father’s camera hit him, and he just sat on the couch allowing the information to sink in. At this time, I am sure he had a million questions in his mind despite receiving the camera that was gone for more than a decade. He has now lived to cherish that one long-lost item which he says is currently in a place of honor among his other cameras.

It seems like an overwhelming coincidence—the type many people might not even believe in—but this story of a father’s camera found at pawn shop 15 years later looks like one of such situations in the world. The redditor’s father may have sold the camera to buy booze without considering his son’s feelings about his actions. However, nature had a way of giving the camera back to his son who had a high value and regard for this camera. I am sure it will always remain the most valuable camera among all other cameras in his collection.