Sisters upset after visit to animal shelter—as their dad approaches their car, one bursts into tears

March 5, 2018 5:04 pm Last Updated: March 5, 2018 7:43 pm

When Julie Dawn and her family went to visit an animal shelter, she made sure her daughters knew they were simply going to play with the puppies.

However, after their visit everyone was sad to leave—especially since it meant leaving behind one little pup who captured the girls’ hearts. Luckily for them their father had something special up his sleeve.

The two girls were upset after they left the animal shelter.

In a video that Julie Dawn shared on her YouTube channel, her two daughters talked about their encounter with one particular puppy at the animal shelter.

Julie asked her daughters why they fell in love with the puppy, especially when they had only met him for “one minute.” The girls, not understanding their mother’s thinking, continued to tell Julie that the puppy was “so adorable.”

Neither could believe their mother showed little interest in the puppy.

When the girls’ mother told them they would soon forget the little puppy, the littlest girl said “I will,” while holding back tears and her arms crossed.

Her older sister on the other hand was a little more dramatic.

“I will remember that day until I die,” she said as she stared out the car window.

While one stared out the window with a stone face, the other fought back tears.

Julie tried telling her daughters that the family wasn’t prepared to bring a dog into their home yet, but the girls weren’t having it.

“How could you not get a puppy that’s adorable?” that littlest one questioned.

Julie captured it all on camera.

She wrote in the caption of her video that while the family was getting ready to leave the animal shelter her husband winked at her and then told everyone it was time to go.

While everyone was heading out to the car, he said he’d meet everyone outside, because he had to go to the bathroom. Little did they know that he was going to return to the car with an extra passenger.

The girls couldn’t believe it.

As soon as the girls saw their father walking towards their car with the puppy in his arms, they were in shock. The oldest girl, who previously stared out the window showing little to no emotion burst into happy tears.

See the reveal of the adorable puppy below.