Toddler had been put to bed. But nanny cam catches her saying THIS about family

"We're overwhelmed"
November 15, 2017 12:49 pm Last Updated: March 22, 2018 4:12 pm

When Kathryn and Caleb Whitt put their 2-year-old daughter Sutton Whitt to bed, they made the cutest discovery.

Sutton is a sweet and caring girl who “never forgets anybody’s name,” Kathryn told ABC News, so once they realized what Sutton was saying after they’d left her all alone in her crib, it all made sense.

The South Carolina couple had recently been teaching the little girl how to recite her nightly prayers after they’d gone through the bedtime story ritual, and the conscientious little girl dutifully did so every night.

“We’ll have to say, ‘Okay Sutton, say thank you for this person and that person,'” Kathryn said, and sometimes Sutton would just rush through the prayers.

But one Sunday, the parents forgot—and Sutton didn’t.

They left without counting their blessings, and while Kathryn and Caleb “didn’t think anything of it,” Sutton decided she would just do them by herself.

So it was, after putting her to bed, they heard something coming from her room, and turned on the monitors to see what was up.

Lying in her crib, Sutton listed off everyone she was thankful for, and the baby monitor caught it all.

She thanked every grandparent, aunt, and uncle, her parents—quite a few times—a friend from school, and even Santa Claus.

Then, before she dropped off to sleep, she finished it off with an “Amen.”

The adorable video was posted to Kathryn’s Facebook page, and racked up a few million views.

“We’re overwhelmed, but we are definitely enjoying it,” Kathryn told ABC.

“We’ve already received so many emails and messages from people saying how this video has touched their lives.”