Husband returns after 6-month deployment and it’s his disabled dog’s reaction that will warm your heart

November 21, 2017 11:24 am Last Updated: November 24, 2017 6:40 am

Emma is an adorable American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix that absolutely adores her human dad.

So when her dad returned after a six-month deployment she was over the moon. She used every ounce of strength in her body to maneuver her way to the door to welcome him home.

Emma couldn’t wait to see her dad!

(Melissa Swanson/Screenshot)

Melissa Swanson, Emma’s human mom and the one who uploaded the cute clip, wrote that she and her husband had adopted Emma, a special needs dog, after caring for her as a foster.

Emma was born with a rare birth defect, polyradiculitis, which is an inflammatory disease that affects the nervous system. According to her Facebook page, she suffers from a few other medical conditions, but doesn’t let it affect how she lives her life.

Emma didn’t have the patience for her dad to come to her.

(Melissa Swanson/GIF)

Swanson wrote that typically when she comes home, Emma will wait at the end of the hallway until Swanson walks over and picks her up. But that wasn’t the case when her husband came home.

“It broke her, and his, heart when he left,” she wrote.

She scooted the entire length of the hallway, right into her dad’s loving arms.


(Melissa Swanson/Screenshot)

The heartwarming video has, for once, caused YouTubers to leave shockingly nice comments. Many praised Swanson for her ability to care for Emma, while others expressed hope that the video will bring awareness to other dogs with special needs.

One user summed up our thoughts perfectly, “This video made my day complete…Tears of happiness….”

Watch it below: