Owner takes cat on a walk, but the cat whines for another walk—what the cat leads her to—”it’s a miracle”

December 29, 2017 11:51 am Last Updated: December 29, 2017 11:51 am

Cats can be considered a lazy pet to have. They’re more independent than dogs, as they don’t need to be given attention as often, and would rather not be bothered half of the time. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do extraordinary things like dogs do.

Take Bandit for example.


About a year ago, Bandit was adopted from a no-kill shelter by Fran Swayze, a native of Cleburne, Texas. Though the cat does enjoy lounging around, he does have a hobby that most cats don’t have.

Bandit loves his late night walks.

Bandit, every night, walks around Swayze’s section of the community they live in.

“He insists on his walks,” Swayze told CBSDFW. Every night, the cat would stay by the front door, waiting until his owner would let him out so that he could walk around.

He would usually go by himself, but Swayze would go on walks with him sometimes as well.

On this particular night, Bandit had already finished his walk, and Swayze and her daughter, Marilyn, were getting ready to go to bed as it was getting late.


But the cat didn’t want to go to bed. He wanted to go on another walk, which Swayze was initially hesitant about, but let him go anyway. And this time, Bandit went a different way.

“Instead of him walking around the atrium like he normally does he walked straight down,” she told Cleburne Times Review. It seemed weird that Bandit would not only ask for another walk, but go in a different direction that he usually doesn’t go in.

It also looked like Bandit was going toward something, so his owner followed him.

Then, Bandit stopped and kept meowing at something. It was a woman on the ground.

Her name was Mary Baker. She’s diabetic, and her blood sugar had dipped so low, she had passed out when she was taking out her dog.


“How he could hear her, I don’t know,” Swayze said. Cats are known to have senses that humans don’t have, and it more than came in handy this time.

What Bandit was doing was alerting her owner to this lady’s presence; he knew she was in some sort of danger.

And when Swayze saw Baker on the ground, she called emergency services then helped Baker up to her feet, and they went to a neighbor’s apartment where she recovered after drinking some orange juice.

This situation would’ve been completely different had it not been for the cat.


What’s even more surprising is that Bandit and Baker’s dog saw each other, and both didn’t react to each other.

They apparently both knew that this woman was in danger, and even if in another scenario they could’ve been at each other’s throats, they played nice for the sake of Baker’s health.


Word got around the community about the cat’s heroics, and he’s now being referred to as, “Sir Bandit.” And deservedly so.

“I am so blessed,” Baker said about surviving the ordeal. She and Swayze are now good friends, and this friendship means they can check on each other should something like this happen again. Or Bandit could come to the rescue again, too.

For a pet that’s known for not showing too much affection, Bandit knew exactly what he was doing. From now on, maybe Swayze will accompany Bandit more often on his walks.