Owner startled when dog starts barking nonstop. But when he leads her to the basement—she knows

"At that point, I knew something was up"
January 22, 2018 5:50 pm Last Updated: January 22, 2018 5:50 pm

Pit bulls have among the worst reputation of all dog breeds. They tend to be thought of as vicious and aggressive, which puts off prospective dog owners (which is why so many pit bulls end up spending their lives in shelters.)

But many dog owners will tell you that they’re actually a great breed—they just take a little work. That’s been Ronene Ando’s experience with her pit bull Ruby, a trained therapy dog.

“The breed has a bad rap,” the Lakeview, New York woman told WIVB. “[But] they are very protective.”

They are really amazing dogs if they are trained well and kept active.”


In fact, Ando and her husband have Ruby so well-trained that she barely makes a sound.

“Typically, she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door,” Ando explained.

Which is why it was so startling when the dog suddenly began barking continuously.

For an hour and a half, Ruby kept barking for seemingly no reason. The unusual behavior caught her owners’ attention.

“At that point, I knew something was up,” Ando explained.


The dog managed to open up the gate leading downstairs, and her owner sensed the dog was trying to lead her to the basement.

“She got up and went downstairs, she opened up the gate and was standing down there.”

But then, Ando realized what Ruby was trying to show her, and why she had been barking all this time:

Their propane tank was leaking carbon monoxide.


The Andos had just put a new propane tank in their basement, and wouldn’t have realized it was leaking poisonous gas—if it wasn’t for their dog’s life-saving senses.

Ando couldn’t even imagine the disaster that might’ve been if Ruby hadn’t intervened:

“Probably, if it weren’t [sic] for Ruby… I can’t say. I don’t know,” she told WIVB.


What’s even more remarkable is that Ruby didn’t have rescue training, and was never trained to sense carbon monoxide. It was all just her instincts.

“Dogs are typically intuitive, I believe that breed is even more so,” Ando explained.

“I think that was it, hands down.”


She’s thankful to be alive, all thanks to the help of her loyal pit bull.