Officer was at his desk in train station. But what he notices near tracks—he had less than 3 seconds

He immediately reacts
May 29, 2018 5:11 pm Last Updated: May 29, 2018 5:11 pm

Traveling with kids is stressful for everyone involved. The little ones can get fussy from the constant moving around, and the burden of responsibility on the parents is a great one.

In Maharashtra, India, one family was returning home by train after seeing the Haji Ali shrine when something very stressful happened. The shrine, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mumbai, likely isn’t what they’ll remember most about their pilgrimage.

Mohammad Dishaan, his wife, and his 5-year-old daughter were taking the train home.

(Mumbai Mirror/ Screenshot)

Gearing up for a nearly three hour trek, Dishaan and his family’s sole focus on May 11 was getting on a train headed for their home in Bhiwandi. As they arrived at the station, they noticed the train was already boarding.

“I was walking ahead and she was holding our daughter’s hand,” Dishaan said to the Mumbai Mirror. “The train was stationary when we went to board it, but then it started moving and picked up speed.”

The adults hurriedly boarded the train and managed to climb inside the cabin. But Dishaan’s daughter slipped out of her mother’s grasp and fell under the train, dangerously close to the tracks.

Dishaan, who said his wife was new to the city and unaware of how quickly the trains would begin moving, watched helplessly as the train pulled away and their daughter teetered on the edge of tragedy.

Maharashtra Security Force jawan Sachin Pol was at his post at the station and saw the little girl.

(Mumbai Mirror/ Screenshot)

Pol, a police officer tasked with keeping order at Western Railway’s Mahalaxmi station, was sitting at his desk a few feet away from where the train was departing. He witnessed the events as they unfolded.

With little time to react, Pol leapt from his post and raced over to where the 5-year-old was moments away from being dragged onto the tracks.

With bravery and reckless abandon, Pol managed to pull the girl away from the gap between the platform and the running train. He narrowly escaped being thrown under the train himself.

The entire rescue took only 2.3 seconds. Pol’s lightning-quick reaction not only saved her life, but has earned him considerable recognition as well.

The train came to a halt moments after the girl’s rescue, and she was reunited with her family.

(Mumbai Mirror/ Screenshot)

Pol and the little girl sustained some minor bruises as a result of the incident. They were both treated at the station medical office.

A.K. Singh, Principal Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway, said he was “impressed with Pol’s bravery and presence of mind.”

“He will be rewarded suitably,” Singh said to the Mumbai Mirror.

But none were more grateful to the attentive officer than the little girl’s family, who were happy that their daughter was returned to them safely.

“I will be eternally grateful to the man who saved my daughter’s life,” Dishaan said.