Officer notices kid riding bike to school everyday—but upon closer look at his bike—it’s not right

December 29, 2017 2:42 pm Last Updated: January 3, 2018 9:17 pm

Getting to and from school shouldn’t be a hazardous experience. Most kids either live within walking distance, take the bus, or are dropped off by a guardian.

But a number of elementary school kids must rely on themselves to get to school every morning. The two-wheel bicycle has long been the best mode of transportation for those not yet old enough to drive.

Those who live nearby and feel that it is safe enough often allow their kids to ride their bike to school. But what happens when that bike falls into disrepair and it’s too costly to be fixed?

That’s when community leaders are supposed to take notice, then take action.

Officer Jarrid Coleman noticed that one of the students at Havre de Grace Elementary School in Bel Aire, Maryland, was riding a bike in dangerous need of some repairs.

(Facebook/Havre de Grace Police Department)

The fifth-grade boy, D’Andrew, rode his bike to school every day. After arriving on the morning of December 13, officer Jarrid Coleman noticed that his bike was in poor condition.

The front and back tires were bald; this is incredibly dangerous in the winter weather. On top of that, both sets of brakes were failing, and the chain was rusted and falling off.

Not only was it heartbreaking to see a young boy riding a bike this poor, but there were legitimate concerns for his safety. In good conscience, officer Coleman couldn’t allow D’Andrew to ride the bike in its current condition.

While school was in session, Coleman took the bike to the Bike Shop of Bel Air to get the repairs done.

(Facebook/Havre de Grace Police Department)

The Bike Shop of Bel Air is nearby, and officer Coleman was there within about 20 minutes. When he arrived, he was greeted with a smile by owner Carl Wakefield.

Coleman laid out the situation for him and asked if the bike could be repaired. Not only did Wakefield tell him he could make two-wheeler run like new, he offered to do it free of charge.

“Carl and his staff did this at no charge, and even offered help to educate kids on bike maintenance,” police said in a statement, according to

The bicycle professionals were able to get D’Andrew’s bike in peak condition very quickly. They changed out all of the parts that were worn from overuse and put on brand new ones.

Wakefield and his team put on brand new tires, a new chain, a brand new set of brakes, and a light attached to the handlebars.

(Facebook/Havre de Grace Police Department)

Officer Coleman addressed D’Andrew in front of his entire class. With the bike obscured from view by a large sheet, he told the class that “he and some guys from a bike shop got together,” before pulling off the sheet.

Upon seeing his bike completely outfitted with new parts, D’Andrew walked towards the officer in disbelief. He stuck his hand out for a gentlemanly handshake before going in for a long, teary-eyed hug.

In addition to fixing D’Andrew’s bike, the bike shop has offered to give the students classes in bicycle maintenance and care. They have plans, alongside officer Coleman, to start a bike club in January or February.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

School Resource Officer surprised student and got his bike fixed.

School Resource Officer surprised student and got his bike fixed. Thank you The Bike Shop of Bel Air

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