Officer is ready to go to work, but his K-9 partner refuses to leave until it gets what it wants

You have to turn on your sound to hear the wife's hilarious commentary!
May 7, 2018 12:13 pm Last Updated: May 10, 2018 9:07 am

Watch the full video below!

Police K-9s are different from the pooches we have snoozing on our sofas. They’re highly trained, bona fide members of the police department.

With a job and a purpose, many assume that police dogs have had all of their goofy, fun-loving instincts trained out of them. One K-9 in Annapolis, Maryland, is proving that’s not always the case.

Jango Fett, a K-9 with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office, wasn’t quite ready for work.

Everyone has mornings where they have trouble getting out of bed. The prospect of facing the day seems so daunting you need a little encouragement before you’re all the way ready.

Working dogs appear to be no exception to the rule. Despite all of his training, officer Ryan Costin just couldn’t get Jango Fett into the car for work in the morning.

In a video recorded outside of Costin’s home on the morning of April 25, Jango can be seeing lying in the grass, refusing to enter the police car. Despite all of his pleading, Jango won’t budge.

“My boy Jango Fett really didn’t want to go to work today,” Costin said on his Facebook page.

After pleading with Jango to get in the car, Costin finally gave in to his demands.

(Facebook/ Ryan Costin)

“My poor husband is trying to go to work and Jango just lays flat on the ground,” Costin’s wife said through a laugh on the video. “And it’s only Tuesday.”

After nearly a minute of hand-clapping and verbal encouragement, Costin decides to give Jango what he’s been angling for—a belly rub.

As Costin kneels down next to his pup and gently pats his tummy, his wife asks him, “What’s that? Positive reinforcement?”

Costin rubbed the dog’s belly affectionately for several moments before standing back up. Jango followed suit, jumping into the backseat of the car apparently ready for work.

“All I need to get ready for work is a belly rub,” Costin’s wife said on Jango’s behalf.

The narcotics detecting Belgian Malinois has been part of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office since 2013, and is a beloved member of the force. That might be why they saw so much humor in the now viral video.

“A beautiful Spring day makes the best Deputies want to play hooky!!” the department said on Facebook.

“Yes we all love working at the Sheriff’s Office, but just like our human Deputies, when spring fever hits even our awesome K-9’s just want to go to the park and lie in the cool grass and maybe play a little catch….or um fetch!!”

We all have tough mornings like Jango, and he’s lucky to have a loving companion there to give him the encouragement he needs.