Officer goes above and beyond to rescue veteran trapped on railway tracks

June 22, 2018 6:43 am Last Updated: June 22, 2018 6:43 am

Even though we expect police officers to serve their communities, we realize that solving everyone’s problems all the time is not part of the job description. Its already a stressful and difficult job we ask them to do, and most of us are satisfied with safety and security. 

But for some diligent police officers, no job is too small—or sweet. 

Arnold Marks had survived three years of war—but ‘confusion corner’ tested him in a way he never expected.

(Photo BY Jan Eglinger/CC BY-SA 3.0)

On Saturday, April 14, 90-year-old Korean War veteran, Arnold Marks had just returned to Florida after visiting a war memorial in Washington, D.C. 

Marks had served nearly three years of active duty and a further five years in the Coast Guard.

But even though the days of putting himself in harm’s way were over, the elderly man was about to be tested again.

While he was driving back from the airport, he came to what locals call, “confusion corner.” This intersection was aptly named: one mistake and you could find yourself stuck on train tracks.

And after making a mistake, Marks found he was stuck.

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Sure enough, Marks fell victim to the confusing layout of the intersection; it took one wrong turn for the elderly warrior to find himself stuck on train tracks. 

But his bad luck did not end there.

Being stuck was bad enough, but Marks’ timing was bad, too; moments later, a train turned a corner and appeared to be heading right towards him.

Officer Jacobson was not about to let this tragedy unfold.

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I didn’t have time to think I just had to act,” Officer David Jacobson told WPTV News.

Thankfully, Jacobson was across the street when he spotted Marks’ car come to a halt on the tracks. Without wasting an instant, he ran towards the senior’s vehicle.

“I could see the train coming at me, I could see the railroad arm crossings at St. Lucie coming down,” Jacobson said. “When I got the gentleman out of the car, just as we got past the railroad arms on this side they began to come down on us.”

Jacobson brought Marks to safety, and the train was able to stop before hitting Marks’ car. With the elderly veteran’s life saved, Jacobson had done heroic duty to protect a member of his community.

But the officer wasn’t satisfied with simply saving the man’s life.

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“Here you got a guy who fought in the Korean War and this is one of the scariest things in his life he’s encountered,” Officer Jacobson said.

Considering all Marks had been through, officer Jacobson was determined he would get home safely. 

Not only did the kind officer pay the cost of towing Marks’ car, Jacobson also followed the senior all the way back to his home and ensured that the veteran suffered no more mishaps along the way.

And while Marks was surely grateful for the officer’s help, his wife was even moreso. 

“She’s just happy to see me in one piece,” Marks told WPTV News.

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