NYC dog famous for hugging strangers returned home on Christmas day to unthinkable

December 30, 2017 12:05 pm Last Updated: December 30, 2017 1:45 pm

Never underestimate what people would do for someone that spreads happiness everywhere they go. Even if that someone is a dog.

Louboutina is a dog that’s known for her hugs and handshakes that she’s given to countless people in NYC.

(Instagram / Viral Paws)

Having an Instagram page and a following of over 191,000 followers, Louboutina, also known as Loubie, has been spreading joy to New Yorkers for years now.

She and her owner, Cesar Fernandez-Chavez, typically stay at the same location in New York City 2 to 3 times a week and wait for anyone passing by that want affection from the cute dog.

(YouTube / ViralPaws)

Her owner claims that Loubie can also respond to not just English, but Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian, which helps immensely in a diversified place like New York.

This dog’s hugs and handshakes certainly don’t discriminate towards anyone.

Louboutina has always been there for her owner. And she wasn’t always a dog that knew how to hold hands.

Fernandez-Chavez was going through a tough break-up back in 2014, which led to Loubie holding his hands to comfort him—and it worked. From that point on, the hand holding and hugging that she was giving to her owner was spread out and given to other people.

The owner then turned it into a routine, which Loubie loves, and she cherishes all of the attention she gets from the countless people she’s hugged.

(Instagram / louboutinanyc)

Fernandez-Chavez and Loubie’s popularity grew, with them making appearances at conventions, along with Loubie even giving a hug to actor Gerard Butler. The page was only at 18,000 followers at the beginning of the year, so to get to almost 200,000 by the end of it is astonishing.

This was all the normal routine, until Christmas Day.

While on a walk on Christmas Day, Cesar and Loubie came back to their apartment to find out it was on fire.

The fire had started in a different apartment, but eventually reached theirs. Unfortunately, everything that Fernandez-Chavez had was gone. The fire had taken everything from him.

“I’m just happy that Loubie and I were safe,” he told NYDailyNews. It’s extremely tough for someone to lose all of their belongings out of nowhere like that, and even scarier to think that the two were only in the apartment 10 minutes prior to the fire starting.

Thankfully, the Red Cross has kept Fernandez-Chavez and Loubie in a hotel in the few days since it happened. The man posted the day after Christmas on Instagram sending out a video, telling his followers that they were safe, but they had lost everything.

“We’ll try to bring a hug and smile to you, but if you don’t see us that often, you know why,” he said.

He was clearly saddened by the occurrence, but still promised to spread joy even in the tough times he’s going through.

A GoFundMe page was almost instantly set up by on of their friends on behalf of Fernandez-Chavez and Loubie.

(Instagram / louboutinanyc)

The goal was set at $20,000. Replacing an entire home with all its belongings in it is hard to do in itself, and it’s even worse when starting from scratch. But given Loubie’s massive social media following, they most likely thought they would receive some help from their followers.

But what happened next was nearly unprecedented.

Within two days, the GoFundMe page had reached almost $70,000!

The goal was reached almost immediately, and it’s more than tripled in the days since it’s been reached. The thousands of people that know of Loubie were certainly touched by her selflessness in the past, and wanted to give back when she needed it the most.

Fernandez-Chavez’s most recent video is him thanking his followers for the support. Though the unfortunate incident is still fresh in their minds, and the man and dog are both thankful for the outpouring of donations they’ve received. It doesn’t look like they are going to stop anytime soon, either.

The fire may have put a damper on their Christmas, but hopefully, they can use the money to rebound and before they know it, Fernandez-Chavez will find a new home and Loubie will be giving out hugs again like nothing happened.