Nurse kept ‘meddling’ with other patients—then people realized she saw something no one else saw

December 30, 2017 4:19 pm Last Updated: January 12, 2018 9:39 am

Are you sick of being single? Do you need a person to fill the hole in your heart? You could try out a dating app like or Tinder but, if you live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, you might have better luck relying on Heather Polan Berken.

Berken is a nurse at Aurora Health Care who takes care of people in more ways than one. She loves getting to know both patients and co-workers alike. Most people would call her “extroverted” or “friendly” but she puts it in less flattering terms.

“I’m inappropriate. I meddle in people’s lives,” Berken told Fox 6 Now.

(Fox 6 Now/Screenshot)

Yet she’s been meddling for all of the right reasons.

“If I meet someone and they’re kind and then I find out that they’re single, I’m like ‘You’re awesome! You should be with someone.'”

Berken isn’t just pairing people together haphazardly though. She instinctively knows who would make a good couple and those instincts have led her to 11 successful matches: Six marriages and five long-term relationships. Yet she doesn’t do it all by herself. She receives help from her husband, Aaron, a lieutenant for the Milwaukee Police.

(Fox 6 Now/Screenshot)

Aaron tells Berken about his single coworkers and she’ll do some snooping or her part to find someone she knows to match with them. Aaron is impressed with his wife’s abilities but he worries about them backfiring.

“We still have to work with [the people she matches up], so if it doesn’t work out, I still have to see them and hear them ask me why so-and-so hasn’t called,” he explained.

Yet, when it works out, it works out extremely well. Take Charlie Grimm for example.

Grimm is a lieutenant with the police, just like Aaron. Prior to meeting his wife, Sue, he was a grumpy man. Yet, once Berken introduced them and they started going on dates, Charlie started acting far less grim.

Charlie and Sue Grimm. (Fox 6 Now/Screenshot)

“You should have seen the transformation of him at work!”Aaron said. “His cops were coming up to me like ‘Thank you. This is a new man’.”

Be careful though. Berken can come on pretty strong if you’re not ready for her help, as she proved in an interview with Fox 6’s Ted Perry.

“If I meet someone else and I’m like ‘They would really like this person’… I will offer it to them like ‘Hey, let me tell you I have this really great friend who works for Fox 6 News.”

“Stop using me as an example!”Perry hilariously interrupted. “I don’t need your services!”

(Fox 6/Screenshot)

Still, for those who do want her help, she’s excellent at what she does.

“I think she likes to see the joy in other people and that brings her joy,” said Aaron. “Y’know, when you enjoy doing something, you’re generally pretty good at it and I think this is definitely her thing.”

Berken confidently concurs. “I think I have a lot to be proud of.”