Nurse terrified of flying, but when unthinkable happens mid-flight—her true colors come out

January 3, 2018 9:24 am Last Updated: January 3, 2018 9:24 am

Everyone has their own personal fears, depending on where they come from. No one can wants to confront them, but we all have to at some point. Especially when lives are at stake, we can’t afford to let them get in the way.

Morgan Anderson is one such brave person.

(Facebook / Morgan Marie Anderson)

Morgan Anderson graduated from nursing school in May 2016.

Though she works as a nurse at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, she has a long way to go before she catches up to her mother, Rose.

(Facebook / Rose Whittle Anderson)

Rose is also a nurse, and has been for over 30 years. And it was actually Rose who inspired her daughter to become a nurse—Morgan would volunteer at Rose’s hospital when she was younger, and always longed to work with her mom in some capacity.

In the middle of December, 2017, the mother and daughter were taking a flight to Salt Lake City, much to the chagrin of Morgan.

Morgan is terrified of flying.

It’s completely normal to have a fear of flying, and many people do. Since their destination was Utah, a place a long way from their home in North Carolina, it made more sense to fly there rather than drive. Morgan just had to take a deep breath and get on the flight.

The flight was scheduled to take four and a half hours, so Morgan ended up going to sleep, hoping the time would pass quickly.

But 30 minutes into the flight, something happened.

A flight attendant on the PA system said there was a medical emergency, and asked for the assistance of any medical professionals on board.

Her mother heard this, and nudged Morgan awake. The two weren’t going to wait to see if someone else would step forward; they sprung into action to assess what was going on.

(Pexels / Anugrah Lohiya)

A man in his 60s had passed out after throwing up. His blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low levels.

This is a high-pressure situation in any environment, let alone one where you’re somewhere you’re not comfortable with. But despite her fear of flying, Morgan didn’t let that deter her from saving this man’s life.

“I didn’t feel like I was in the air, thousands of feet above the world,” Morgan told the Citizen Times. She said how her tunnel vision kicked in at that moment; all of her attention was directed towards working with her mother to help the man.

The two worked with what they had in the medical kit provided to them. They worked quickly, especially after seeing that this man’s blood pressure was at 56/30, which is extremely low and near-fatal.

“His blood pressure was too low,” Rose told the Citizen Times. “If somebody hadn’t done something to correct that, he probably would’ve gone into cardiac arrest and died.”

It turns out that he was extremely dehydrated, so they hooked him up to an IV, and worked with a physician on the ground to help revitalize him.

The man then awoke, and was able to speak and drink water.

He was okay! He was in good enough shape for the plane to not have to make an emergency landing. And the plane had reached Salt Lake City in three hours instead of four, due to the pilot speeding up after the medical emergency began.

The mother and daughter were greatly rewarded. Not only did Morgan and Rose receive bottles of wine, food, and discounted plane tickets, but also a personal thank you from the pilot himself.

But despite all that, Morgan realizes the biggest gift to come out of it wasn’t something that was given to her.

(Facebook / Morgan Marie Anderson)

“The real reward was this man made it to the ground alive to see his mother for this holidays,” Morgan said in a Facebook post. Thanks to her and her mother, this man would be able to celebrate the holidays with his family, which is the best outcome of all.

While she was finally able to work alongside her mother, Morgan showed that she could also work under immense stress. Any hospital would be a lucky one to employ these women!