11-year-old boy goes missing, what he says after being found will make you smile

June 26, 2017 3:40 pm Last Updated: June 26, 2017 3:40 pm

When a child goes missing police and the child’s relatives aren’t always the only ones involved in searching and hoping for the child’s safe return. Whether on purpose or inadvertently, local news stations often aid in the search and rescue of a missing child.

One day around 10 a.m. 11-year-old Angel Gort, who says he has ADHD, was reported missing. His family reported him missing after he allegedly got into a fight with his mother about attending camp. He didn’t want to go.

Police brought dogs to the child’s neighborhood and began to search for him. Nearly two hours went by and still no sign of Angel, until…

“We were just kind of searching here, waiting for our next hit on this story when we spotted the child,” Miami’s 7News’ Ralph Rayburn said. “He’s on the roof of the house.”

The 7SkyForce team alerted their colleagues at the assignment desk and told them to contact the local police and let them know the boy’s whereabouts. Shortly after the discovery, police approached the boy and were able to persuade Angel to come down off the roof.

And that wasn’t the only feel-good aspect about this missing child story.

“I didn’t mean to cause any trouble and I didn’t mean to waste any of the police officers’ time.”

When Angel got down from the roof he expressed remorse for his actions. In an interview he admitted to 7News that he wasn’t sure what he was thinking when he went on the roof, it was almost like a spur of the moment thing. He did say that he wondered what would happen to him once he was found. The boy said this wasn’t his first time running away, but it most definitely will be his last.

“I was thinking of how hard my mom works to do this, and I just do the most stupidest things sometimes. It’s very difficult for her, and I’m proud of the patience she has for me,” Angel told 7News.