Newborn fights for his life in hospital, parents forced to return to work — see who steps in to keep baby company

December 7, 2017 1:20 pm Last Updated: December 7, 2017 1:20 pm

The one thing a new parent hopes for when a child is born is for the baby to be healthy as can be. But a parent’s love is no less for a child that may end up fighting for its life.

Melissa Winch gave birth to her son, Axel, at 29 weeks into her pregnancy.

From the start, it seemed like he had a laundry list of things wrong with him. On top of having a rare congenital defect, he had to be airlifted to Children’s Hospital Colorado, which is four hours away from the couple’s home in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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The doctors were doing the best they could to figure out what was wrong with Axel, but the tiny baby showed little progress.

The poor infant’s vitals kept crashing, and Melissa said Axel practically died in his parents’ arms several times—only to be brought back each time. Doctors could not explain how the baby had survived.

“We have watched miracle after miracle.” She told KVUE News.

But Axel was not out of the woods yet.

“We are afraid, for Axel and for all that is coming in relation to him. We beg your continued prayers; we flat out beg,” Melissa’s husband Adam said in a Facebook post.

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The biggest thing that kept the two parents’ hope alive was their faith—and although that faith was constantly being tested, they repeatedly saw evidence of a divine plan.

In the Facebook post, Adam explained how his wife told him, “That’s the only way any of this could be happening. ‘Cause it shouldn’t be happening.”

Throughout all of the hard times, they stayed with their child, no matter his condition.

If anything was certain, it’s that Axel wasn’t going to go down easily.

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But after weeks of practically living at the hospital with their child, Melissa and her husband, Adam, both had to go back to work. This meant leaving their little miracle behind.

“The first time we left, I cried not all the way home, but the majority of the way home,” said Melissa. The parents couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their baby, especially if something were to happen to him. Who would watch over him?

Then, the community stepped up. Melissa is on the police force in Grand Junction, and Adam used to be an officer as well. Word got around about their situation—in paticular to the Aurora PD, the closest department to Axel’s hospital. And one member of the department came up with a brilliant plan.

Aurora PD officers set up a ‘cuddle watch’ to visit Axel, keep him company, and make sure he was doing okay without his parents.

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“We would basically set up a watch,” Sgt. Pitrusu, the mastermind behind the idea, told KVUE News. “We would have officers sign up for times to come in here and spend time with Axel.” He didn’t want Axel to remain alone for days at a time while his parents worked.

Nearly 20 police officers came to watch Axel whenever his parents were unable to see him. The department chipped in even more by raising money for the family, and one of the officers let the couple stay in her home one night, so that they could be close to their son.

And Melissa and Adam couldn’t be more thankful for the department’s generosity. “When you look down inside the heart and soul of a police officer, they’re there because of love,” she said.

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Axel is now out of the hospital and at home with his parents—and he is so accustomed to being held, he wants to be held all the time!

But given the lengths his parents have already taken in order to care for him, they don’t have a problem with that at all.

Police offers form "Cuddle Watch" to keep baby company

When Axel's parents had to leave him at the hospital to go to work, these Aurora Police Department officers made sure that he wouldn't spend a moment alone. via HeartThreads

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