New York couple tie the knot after incredible weight-loss journey, losing almost 600 pounds

November 7, 2017 5:23 pm Last Updated: November 7, 2017 5:23 pm

A woman was trying all means to lose weight when she met a man who had already been successful at it. Inspired by his weight-loss story, she got together with him and a lovely story evolved—they got married!

Ronnie Brower, 32, from Syracuse, New York, weighed 675 pounds (306 kg) in 2012 and embarked on his weight-loss journey after doctors told him he had only two years to live.

According to the Daily Mail, Ronnie said, “I was depressed, addicted to pills and alcohol, eating 10 double cheeseburgers or two large pizzas at a time. My turning point was, my doctor told me if I kept on like this I’d be dead before I was 30. I was 28.”

He was his heaviest in 2013 and had difficulties leaving his parents’ house. With much urging from a friend, he sought help from Mission Fitness and started working out three hours a day and stuck to a low carbohydrate diet. He lost 100 lbs (45 kg) in 100 days and could finally leave the house to get to the gym for workouts.

“My job 24 hours a day was to get healthy and save my life,” said Ronnie, who also mentioned he enjoyed listening to Taylor Swift whilst working out. He took to Facebook to record his 4-year fitness journey, which attracted one woman’s attention, Andrea Masella, who was also trying to lose 120 pounds (54 kg).

By that time, Ronnie had lost much weight after 23 months of working out. “I was just really inspired by him and I thought he was super cute. We started talking at the gym and I hate to sound cliche but it was love at first sight,” Andrea said.

Their first date was playing basketball and ping pong at the gym. “We laugh all the time,” Ronnie said.

After losing much weight, he went for four operations to remove 30 pounds (13 kg) of his sagging skin and was grateful to Andrea for being by his side.

Fast-forward to now, the couple tied the knot in their hometown after losing nearly 600 pounds (272 kg) together, with their personal trainer as Ronnie’s best man.

Andrea, who works as a hairdresser, said they would continue to support each other in having a healthy lifestyle and also counsel and inspire others. “Both of us had used food as a coping mechanism; I would just eat my feelings. We’ve gone through a lot of counseling to come to terms with that and change,” she said.

Ronnie, who works two jobs, said, “People come to me all the time, asking for weight-loss advice,’ Brower said. ‘I just tell them there’s hope out there. If you want it bad enough and put your mind to it, anybody can do it.”

Photo credit: Facebook | Ronnie Bro`wer.