Baby deer likes to use New Jersey family’s swimming pool

June 21, 2017 10:49 am Last Updated: November 4, 2017 4:46 pm

During the warm summer months, many people like to cool off by taking a dip into the water. Some people prefer pools, while others prefer lakes. Normally, animals are of the latter persuasion, but at least one New Jersey fawn is a big fan of the former, routinely “borrowing” a local family’s pool, as you can see in the video below.

This deer knows how to get a free spa pass!

Homeowner Brittney Benincasa frequently noticed her family’s backyard visitor at their house in Freehold Township home in Monmouth County. According to New York Daily News, “I went to the sink to wash my hands, and through the window, I saw it climbing out of pool and on to the pavement,” explained Benincasa of the first time she saw the deer swimming.

“She shook off and laid in my landscaping for like 45 mins, then she got up again and walked back towards the pool, leaning over the edge.”

“I had no idea that she could even swim.”

It turns out that the deer is also fond of the modern conveniences of a man-made pool. “She stood on the stair — there are a couple of jets down in that end,” Benincasa explained, “She was actually enjoying the jets up against her body like a massage. Next thing you know, off she went [into the pool] like she had done it a million times. She started doing laps, and clearly knew exactly what she was doing.”

She’s a natural!

“She’s young and skinny enough that she just walks right through the fence,” Benincasa added, “I’ve seen her. It’s awesome. My kids are completely enamored and wish they could see it but they’ve been at school.”

Don’t worry! This deer isn’t in danger of chemical poisoning.

Just to make sure that the fawn was safe, Benincasa called Monmouth County Animal Control at one point, but this hasn’t stopped the deer from returning to the pool day after day. According to Benincasa, this usually occurs in the afternoon, around 1:00 pm.

The deer may be fond of the pool because it resembles a natural body of water.

“We have a black-bottom pool, so it looks like a lake,” Benincasa explained. In addition, it’s a salt-water pool, so there is no need for concern about the deer getting sick from accidentally drinking chemicals used to clean the pool. “It’s food-grade salt, it says it on the bag, and the water’s not even as salty as the ocean.”

So adorable!