Mum took photo of husband & daughter holding hands. 4 years later—collection has blown up on the web

That photo, which she deemed "the perfect moment," would ignite a fire in her
May 2, 2018 9:41 am Last Updated: May 2, 2018 9:41 am

A parent’s bond with their child is one of the sweetest and purest things in the world. Somehow, long before they’ve even spoken a word, children are drawn to their parents and vice-versa.

It’s the sort of unbreakable bond that goes beyond words. Just seeing a parent and child together tells you everything you need to know.

A user on Reddit knows this quite well as her photos of a parental bond have been gaining a lot of traction lately.

“MrsIronbad” has been sneakily taking photos of her husband and daughter for 4 years.


“MrsIronbad” isn’t the name of a comic book super-villain or Ms. Pac-Man with an iron deficiency. It’s the Reddit username for a loving wife and the mother of a 5-year-old girl named Kate.

For years, she’s been taking photos of her husband and daughter holding hands in front of her.

“The idea of taking photos of them holding hands started with this photo [from 2014],” MrsIronbad, who wished to remain anonymous, told Babble.  “My daughter is just 1 year old in that photo and just learned how to walk.”


That photo, which she deemed “the perfect moment,” would ignite a fire in her that she has continued to keep burning nearly 4 years later. Despite the near-constant photo-taking though, MrsIronbad’s family has never caught on.

“Whenever we are out of the house, going to the movies or just doing some family outdoor activities, I just subtly let them walk ahead of me then I take some photos,” said MrsIronbad. “Whenever we are out walking, Kate just naturally turns to her dad to hold her hands.

“[It] makes it really convenient for me to take photos of simple but touching moments like holding hands.”

Yet, after recent events, it might be harder for this mother to keep her secret.

When she submitted some of these photos to Reddit, “MrsIronbad” received over 70,000 upvotes.


On April 3, MrsIronbad submitted 16 photos of her family to the “awww” subreddit. In less than a month, they received over 70,000 upvotes.

She’s also received plenty of wonderfully supportive comments:

“I was expecting that it will just get a few thousand of upvotes but I really wasn’t expecting for it blow up like that,” MrsIronbad said.

While MrsIronbad claims that she started taking these photos as a joke, since she’s convinced Kate likes holding her father’s hand more than hers, she’s learned to recognize the beauty in the moment.

She still hasn’t revealed how long she plans to keep this up or under what context she’ll reveal the photos to her family, but it will surely be a momentous occasion when she does.