Raccoon stuck on building ledge, but when building staff attempted a rescue—things don’t go as planned

The critter quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.
June 13, 2018 5:37 pm Last Updated: June 14, 2018 5:55 pm

St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota and offers a wide variety of things to do and see. It is also home to the now famous MPR raccoon.

Prior to June 12, if you mentioned the words “raccoon” or “UBS building” to anyone they would have had little meaning, but now they have become synonymous with one half of the Twin Cities.

On June 12, a raccoon got itself stuck on a 25-story building.

Tim Nelson, a reporter for Minnesota Public Radio, noticed the furry creature and shared two images of the frightened critter huddled against the side of a building in downtown St. Paul.

“The maintenance staff came out with some two-by-fours screwed together and pushed them up to the raccoon, thinking that [she] would run down the boards onto the street and escape,” he told WCCO.

Unfortunately the raccoon ran the opposite direction—it scurried up.

Rather than run down the makeshift escape route, the raccoon crawled up the building.

Once the raccoon began its climb, Nelson nicknamed the raccoon #MPRraccoon, and it didn’t take long for others, near and far, to tune in to the developing story.

Photos of the trash panda quickly appeared online.

As the raccoon scaled the UBS building, office workers snapped pictures. Many of the photos were mind-blowing; how was a raccoon scaling a 25-story building?

While many pondered that question, others wondered what was being done to save the poor critter.

WCCO reported there wasn’t much that could be done because a rescue mission would be too dangerous for the animal and rescuers. The only thing they could really do was wait.

“This raccoon has to rescue itself,” Nelson said. “That’s the only option right now.”

Nelson continued to track progress of the MPR raccoon, which turned out to be a female.

Others from the area joined in and shared photos from the ground.

The images from the scene were truly incredible.

As the day went on the raccoon continued to scale the building, occasionally taking a break outside of an office window.

She eventually reached the 23rd floor.

Although people were absolutely captivated by the dumpster diver’s masterful climb, they feared what would happen if one paw slipped, especially as night fell.

The later it got, the more people became invested. Media outlets around the world covered MPR raccoon, St. Paul’s mayor weighed in, and a handful of livestreams went up, even though it would be extremely difficult to follow the raccoon’s progress through the night.

Throughout the night the raccoon traveled between several floors.

At one point it seemed as though she would climb all the way to the ground.

But just as soon as she’d make progress on her descent, she’d climb back up.

Finally, after hours of nail-biting uncertainty, the raccoon scaled the last part of the building and made it onto the roof.

It all came to an end in the early morning hours.

According to a spokesperson from St. Paul’s Department of Safety and Inspections, the raccoon was captured in a live trap around 2:30 a.m. and Wildlife Management Services planned to release the 1-year-old female in an “undisclosed location.”

For those who couldn’t stay up all night to await MPR raccoon’s fate, they received the good news early Wednesday morning as many morning news shows included the furry creature in their top morning stories.

Everyone on social media was relieved the creature made it to the top.

The whole thing was so crazy, we wouldn’t doubt it if we see some part of it in the next Mission: Impossible or live-action Disney movie.