Mother turns to Facebook after no one turns up to 6-year-old son’s birthday party—what happened ‘warmed her heart’

November 7, 2017 5:42 am Last Updated: November 7, 2017 5:59 am

A mothers love is unlike anything the world. Moms love their children unconditionally, and when their kids are in pain, they’re in pain. You can only imagine how difficult it must have been for this mother in St. Cloud, Florida, to break the news to her son that he wasn’t going to have a birthday party.

According to a report by Local 6 News, Glenn Buratti was turning six years old and was expecting all 16 of his classmates to show up for his birthday party. Imagine how devastated he was when he realized that none of them were going to make an appearance. Glenn is autistic, and at only six years old, didn’t fully understand that his schoolmates wouldn’t be coming.

He asked his mother about it, and it absolutely broke her heart. She was hoping her son was going to have the time of his life with his friends, and instead, she was faced with telling him that they wouldn’t be coming at all.

When Glenn’s mother, Ashlee Buratti, posted her message on Facebook, she didn’t expect this kind of overwhelming support.

Facebook/ CBS

Buratti’s message wasn’t very long, but it was full of sincerity and quickly started to make the rounds on social media. Everyone who read it immediately sympathized for the innocent six-year old who wanted to spend his birthday playing with friends.

The SF Globe posted an image of her Facebook post, and it will melt even the most stone-hearted person. Her message read as follows:

“Rant… I know this might be something silly to rant about, but my heart is breaking for my son. We invited his whole class (16 kids) over for his 6th birthday party today. Not one kid came. I feel so bad for my son. He keeps asking ‘when will my friends get here?’ Poor kid. I feel so bad for him.”

“Just to see the look on his face killed me inside,” Ashlee Beratti told Local 6 News.

Facebook/ CBS

But it wasn’t long until she started getting messages from total strangers. Her heartbreaking story was reaching members of her own community, and they were responding in an unexpected way. Many were taking it as a call to action. Beratti’s house was soon filled with kind-hearted people who wanted to show her son some support.

They arrived with gifts, but even better than that, they had kids his age for him to play with.

The party was already an incredible success, and Glenn was having a great time. But the Osceola Police Department wanted to be sure that this was a birthday that he was never going to forget. The sheriff’s office orchestrated a flyover with their helicopter, and Glenn loved every second of it.

“One of our friends put him up on their shoulders and Glenn was smiling the whole time and waved. It was amazing,” Buratti said.

Facebook/ CBS

But the gifts for Glenn didn’t stop there. The deputies pooled their money and bought Glenn a number of new toys. Remote control cars, Hulk hands, action figures, Glenn made away with more presents than he could have ever imagined. But if you ask his mother, she’s the one who was given the gift.

“The amazingness of everybody coming together for someone that they didn’t even know,” she said. “A kid that didn’t have anybody come to his birthday party. It warmed my heart.”