Mom turns to sewing after son was shot. A year later someone tags her in Facebook post—she just knew

October 26, 2017 9:48 am Last Updated: October 27, 2017 3:27 am

Even though a person has a dream they wish to accomplish sometimes they need a little extra push to get started. That little extra push came in the form of a shocking experience for 27-year-old Shavonne Brown.

In October 2016 her 11-year-old son was shot in the leg while playing outside with his friends. Her son survived, but it still left Brown feeling depressed. She told CBS 6 News that there were times she couldn’t get out of bed. Brown used her awful experience to motivate her to accomplish her dream of working in the fashion industry.

For as long as she could remember Brown wanted to work in fashion.

(Facebook/Shavonne Brown)

Brown got to work and hit the books, learning everything she possibly could about fashion.

“I never knew how to sew, I just studied with books, watched videos, and learned about different fabrics and textures and I taught myself how to sew,” she told CBS 6 News.

Finally, she was able to put everything she learned to good use. A friend tagged her on a Facebook post. A mother was looking for a dress for her daughter. But it wasn’t an ordinary dress. The woman wanted a dress to bury her 1-year-old daughter in.

She used the skills she learned to sew a beautiful dress for a girl who died because of gun violence.

(Facebook/Shavonne Brown)

When Brown learned how the woman’s baby died, she was moved and immediately called the woman to learn more about the dress the mother envisioned.

“So, when I saw the post I could relate because it was a couple of days before the one-year anniversary of my son getting shot,” she said.

Brown used violence against her son as a push to get a start on her dreams.

The mother was absolutely thrilled to receive the dress. Brown said when the two met the very next day, the woman cried and couldn’t stop hugging her.

Since Brown pursued her dream she’s learned to sew, started a modeling boot camp for aspiring models, and has had some of her work appear on runways in New York and Atlanta.

“No one taught me how to sew, God just blessed me with a talent and why not help others if I could,” Brown wrote on Facebook.