Baby was born via c-section—but what was on his face—doctors were ‘frightened’

"Even though it is not easy, my husband and I act normally and we will always show him as he is."
June 13, 2018 5:27 pm Last Updated: June 13, 2018 5:27 pm

Before our children are born we all have an idea of how we think they’ll look: cute button nose, perfectly smooth skin that only babies seem to have, adorable dimples—you get the point.

When Enzo Cestari came into this world he had a button nose and adorable rosy cheeks, but he also had something else that made doctors look “frightened.”

Enzo was born in May 2017 via Caesarean section.

Carolina Giraldelli gave birth to Enzo in May 2017 after a scan showed that her baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice.

Following his birth, Brazilian couple Giraldelli and her husband, João Renato Cestari, were relieved to see their baby boy was healthy, but they were concerned when they noticed the looks on the doctors’ faces.

The little boy was born with a birthmark covering a large portion of his face.

When they discovered the spot his face was simply a birthmark called Congenital Melanocytic Nevi, they were relieved, though five days later Enzo underwent surgery to make sure the birthmark was harmless.

“I decided that from then on I should become another person who was much stronger, fearless, brave, and ready to face all the obstacles that would now be presented to my son,” Giraldelli told SWNS.

Enzo’s birthmark was benign, but that didn’t stop strangers from staring.

The family shared that even though they shower their boy with lots of love and treat him no differently than if he didn’t have a birthmark on his face, others do not do the same.

“I confess that for some time it was very difficult to see and feel the eyes of society flickering my son with looks of pity, contempt, scare and sometimes disgust,” she said. “But even though it is not easy, my husband and I act normally and we will always show him as he is.”

One day Giraldelli had an idea and asked a friend to give her a birthmark like Enzo’s.

Giraldelli adores her son’s birthmark and wanted to show her son, so she asked a friend who is a makeup artist to recreate Enzo’s birthmark on her face last month.

When Enzo saw his mother with a similar mark on her face, his eyes lit up. Giraldelli described her son’s reaction as “complete joy.”

Enzo’s reaction to his mother’s “birthmark” was captured on camera.

Rather than wash the makeup off and go about her business, Giraldelli kept the makeup on the entire day as if walking in Enzo’s shoes.

“Several people looked at me with many different looks, but I was very calm because I felt like the most proud mother in the world,” she told SWNS. “I kept the make up on until I went to bed that night, but how I felt has stayed with me [ever] since.”