Mother of three’s family looks perfect, but how they came to this point—heartbreaking

December 18, 2017 11:38 am Last Updated: December 18, 2017 11:38 am

That old saying “never judge a book by its cover” often proves itself true when it comes to judging people too, because from the outside, you might not be able to see that person’s story and what they have gone through in their life. A person that looks completely fine may be struggling immensely on the inside, and you wouldn’t know the difference.

Lauren Morgan wants her story to show that every family, no matter how perfect they look, has their own personal journey.

Morgan wrote on the Knoxville Mom’s Blog about how even if her family, which includes her husband and three kids, looks perfect now, it’s actually “the opposite of how our family has gotten to this point.”

In 2011 her first child, which was a son, was born seemingly healthy, until a few hours after the birth the doctors noticed something was wrong. A doctor told her her baby was “very sick and gave us a stack of papers to sign allowing them to do all kinds of things to him to save his life.” That’s a pretty extreme turnaround, which no doubt devastated Morgan at the time.

The doctors were preparing to lose him, but the medication worked, and he made a miraculous and healthy recovery. But this was only the beginning of Morgan’s long journey.

A year later, she was pregnant again, but this time, the baby in the womb was diagnosed with lethal chromosomal syndrome.

The baby that they had planned to name Gabriel had been given a horrible prognosis. They prepared for the worst.

He died two hours after he was born.

After the first ordeal, this one was much harder on Morgan.

“That’s when everything fell apart,” Morgan said in her blog post. “It’s what took us from a perfect family to one that was broken.”

It took her and her husband a lot of time to heal and grieve, and they did so, without “forgetting and never replacing our precious son.” When they were ready to move on, Gabriel gave them a revelation.

Morgan and her husband decided to become a foster family.

Since the loss of Gabriel, the couple have fostered 11 children in their home, with some staying only a night and others staying longer. The couple is willing to take any kids, no matter what the circumstances of their life are.

This also led to Morgan adopting two of the foster children, one of whom was also very sick at birth but pulled through, just like her first born.

In 2014, Morgan started Project Gabriel, an organization that supports families that have lost a baby either before or after birth.

They have events such as support groups to have families come together and give them the comfort and support they need.

“Everyone has something that makes their life hard and their family far from perfect,” Morgan stressed.

Morgan not only wanted to start the organization to let families know this, but also to share her story to inspire other mothers, who may be experiencing what she has already gone through—and to let them know they are not alone.

Cherish what you have.

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